When it comes to twin flames you are part of the same soul spectrum, and you will automatically pick up whatever is going on with your twin flame, whether you wish to tune in or not.

Most spiritually advanced twin flames are very much psychic and telepathic, and just how you receive messages on your phone that “pop up” whenever your twin flame is thinking of you, they will “pop up” like a message in your head. This has to do with the energy of duality, which is strongest amongst twins; both twin flames, and twin siblings as well.

Sometimes this will run on autopilot, and you will not realize that this person is thinking of you until you step outside of your conscious mind and think “oh hello, you're thinking of me again.”

Twin flames can feel everything in each other. Right down to what is happening on the inside of the other person, as twins are spiritually based and naturally empathic.

Often times, one twin flame will start behaving in a weird and strange way by being with the twin that is suppressing the blocks in their throat chakra, and this is because they have tunned into a frequency that feels very restricted and barred energetically, and both twins might start behaving the same way as well.

At times when you are at work or school, and you are feeling low out of the blue, often times it is just simply the fact that you have tuned into your twin who is probably having an off day.

If you have harnessed your creative and spiritual power, you will often find that your spirit guide can confirm and reaffirm this for you, and you can continue on to build on your psychic and psionic power as you move forward.

Often times your twin flame will reach out to you and ask if you are alright, and what has been going on with you, as they sense you are not doing okay and that something is off. The less spiritually developed twin may try and hide it, but generally, they will be wondering how you know, and feel a little exposed and vulnerable.

Just because you feel your twin flame’s thoughts doesn't mean that you need to tell them about it. Often times, it is just wise to keep quiet about your thoughts and feelings (and emotions) that you have tuned into, and only bring them up if necessary.

Remember, you have to address things with your twin flame from a place of strength, and not weakness. It is important that you always put yourself first, no matter how strong your connection is with your twin.

And this is why understanding and developing your energy of twin flame duality is so important. It can save you a lot of heartache and pain when suddenly these emotions purge within you and you don’t know what to do.

When we come from a place of understanding our emotions, no matter how dark they might be, and use the power of duality to actually use that energy for something good that will help you grow and bloom… that’s often the tipping point of embracing the energy of duality that is often needed.

In other words, just a few simple insights can make all the difference between spiraling within negative emotions and pining away, or shifting that dark energy to actually help you move towards healing and light.

An overall point to keep in mind is that energy always fluctuates between people. And yes, there are many different types of energy wavelengths that we set out and that we receive.

Things that we sometimes see as “ironic” might simply be energy wavelengths that have shifted in order to sync, and for us to be on the same wavelength. You know this because you have felt it before. It is what we refer to as energy of duality.

There is so much energy at play that goes on subconsciously in which most people are never even aware of. We can sometimes get a “feel” through our senses of what the other person is about, and what they are experiencing at a current moment, but unless you work consciously to develop this skill, it is at best just a guess.

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