Twin flames are the same spirit internally and yet they couldn’t be more different on the outside.

In order to be with your twin flame in this lifetime, you have to be in alignment with them.

Meaning that both of you will be making adjustments in order to “meet each other” at an equal playing field.

Many people come across their twin in passing and wonder why they are so out of “touch.”

It is tempting to read many misleading phenomenon’s about a twin will run from their counterpart and then eventually get together. Whilst this has some grain of truth to it, the reality is the fact that you will have to vibrate at a level where getting both of you together in this life, becomes a fact and not something you can only dream or fantasize about.

When I wanted to do the work to get into alignment with my own twin, I had to look at every single area that he triggered and annoyed me in. I became grateful to him as my growth began accelerating quite fast. Little did I know that meeting me, had also set him off and he was grappling with his life emotionally and questioning where he really belonged. He told me this personally after a period of time when we hadn’t spoken!

One of the things I began working on were my boundaries in general.

Many people think that by asking for their twin flame, it will be a cute little romantic love story.

Meeting your twin flame, will totally destroy your life as you know it, to embrace the person you should have always been and the amazing individual you are destined to become. It is not an “ask” for a fainthearted person, as a lot of work is involved to consistently keep shedding and destroying the layers.

These emotions do not just affect you at your twin flame level, however at every area of your life.

Here are the 3 ways that you can get into alignment with your twin

  1. Identify the areas where your twin flame triggers you and make a whole list of it
  2. Perform energy work to begin releasing all that holds you back
  3. Allow yourself to receive the next step of guidance

When you begin really working on the 2nd pointer, you will elevate in your frequency and as your life improves, you will energetically travel and move forward towards your twin flame. However, in order to perform this energy work; you have to be accepting that your twin will trigger many wounds and not try and fight them.

When you move your energy to allow yourself to receive the next step of guidance it means that you begin developing your keen sense of intuition to see and feel the signs around you.

Often times we ignore important signs that had been part of our journey, and we don’t realize how crucial these energy signs were until the fact, when we look back at them.

It is easy to define experiences when we look back but we have to find ways to let go of the past if it does not help us grow.

What if instead we focus on the future.. without fear and anxiety?

What if we develop beliefs with action, and the right twin energy, so that there will be a mergence of twin flames in the future?

It does not matter if that happens in a few months, a year, or much much later on your journey. What matters is that when we arrive with the right energy…

We will know that we are a true twin flame within ourselves that has endured so much through our journey, and that we are open to show the path of light and healing to others…

Specially to our twin flame.

Alignment might not come easy for some of us, and it might require extra work in the beginning. It’s good to confide in others that can guide you along your twin journey, but ultimately we are responsible for the energy we put out and the energies we connect with.

Begin to find simple ways by which you can align yourself with your energy in a journey that moves towards a twin future.

When you begin seeing it in your mind’s eye and take daily action… your energy will shift towards becoming a day to day reality.

Never give up on yourself.