There are very many variants that you will not understand about your twin flame runner, especially when you cannot see the forest for the trees. The most important thing I find is that you need to understand that your twin is as terrified of what they are feeling, as you are. Often times, when you are chasing after your twin flame, you realise that it isn't always healthy or wise to keep reaching out to them.

Here are the 3 salient things you need to remember when it comes to your twin flame runner and how you can deal with them, moving forward.

1) Your twin flame feels exactly the same way as you do.

They will have a different way of showing it, most likely they will try and bury all their feelings down and behave like you mean nothing to them, but inside they feel it and they are absolutely terrified. The panic comes from knowing that at any time, this feeling can overtake them. So they decide to run, before it actually does.

You have to remember that all their life, the runner twin flame has ran away from their authentic truth, and what they KNOW is the utmost soul reality. If they faced you, it means they have to face all the things that they would rather run away from. That is scary enough. When you back away and give them time, then they have the time to explore their feelings for you. You chasing them isn't going to help a single bit. It only delays the union and makes you look needy.

2) There is nothing more than being with you, in this entire world, that the twin runner wants.

The fear of true love is so astoundingly scary that the twin will do anything in their power to run away from it, because once they stay and love overtakes them, they know that they cannot run away from their truth any more. It is impossible. As much as they avoid you and do not want to speak to you, when those feelings rise up again, they genuinely do not know what to do with themselves. They have this inner war, a war that just doesn't quell, and a war that doesn't quiet down.

They rather wish everything went back to the un-awakened “normal,” where you don't have to be mindful of your actions.

3) Your twin runner is in tenfold more pain than you are.

This is a difficult one for the chaser to grasp but remember, you are the big runner because instead of fixing and working on yourself, you are deciding to chase someone and ignore yourself. However, despite all that, you come to find that your twin runner is in incredible pain of not being with you and one day, he or she is not going to be able to live without you.

Often times we are so focused on exterior motives and actions that we forget to look within. It all might seem like a game of poker when we are dealing with our twin flame, with many questions rushing at us such as –

Is this person my true twin flame? Or… When will my twin flame stop running?

In order to find the answers to these questions, and many more, we have to look within ourselves, our energy, and our spirit. Sometimes there is no easy answer, and even more astounding is that the answer might change as we grow older, or our twin flame grows older, and our outlook and perspective shifts.

We might not be understanding something about our twin flame because sometimes it takes time to sort out various issues and come to a clear understanding, but once we do so – they have change part of their understanding themselves. It’s such a game in which nothing remains the same.

Perspectives and feelings change all the time. This is because our energy is in a constant flux and always morphing.

What you can do is develop your ability to read your own energy, and the energy of others, specially your twin flame.

Once you know how to spot certain energy cues, and where they might go, while still being able to keep an open mind… this will help in sharpening your skills, and allowing your good energy to flow. What do I mean by this?

If you know when your twin flame might be moving closer, or further away from you, and you are even able to ask the right questions, or take the right actions, then perhaps you will know how to interact with those circumstances. I think that what often gets us, and makes things go wrong for us, is when we react, and more dangerously, when we over react.

What if instead of over reacting, you already had a sense of what your twin flame runner might pull next, and you dealt with it accordingly because you already had rehearse such a situation in your mind?

I think that ascension and seeking a higher energy (one that twin flame’s call 5D), takes both the willingness to work with your energy, opening your mind’s eye, and a little bit of experience.

Once you have this made into the right process, that’s where a deeper sense of self understanding comes from… and when you are able to understand yourself on a deeper level, that is when you begin to more fully understand your twin flame.

Personally, thinking back in my earlier years… there were so many cues that I wish I could have read better and acted upon. Whether it was for personal life, or career life, if I could have taken certain cues that the universe was given me at that moment and acted upon them… things would have changed drastically. And I’m not saying to live with “regret” but live with a new sense of awareness of cues and signs that the universe gives you. Be aware enough to know when they present themselves and how to act upon them accordingly.

Universal cues and signs will always show up in your journey... but it is up to you on whether you wish to act upon them or not. And nothing can be truer than the sings the universe bestows upon you regarding your twin flame.