Twin flame encounters is something very unique in origin, especially when you feel the magnetic pull in the pit of your stomach signaling that there is something more that meets the eye.

There really isn’t one surefire way to find out if someone is your twin flame, but with time and interactions, you will know just how much synchronicity there is between you and this person. When you realize that it is more than just a mere coincidence that you and this person share a common energy bond… more signs that this person is your twin flame begin to appear.

Here are some of the signs you might come across when discovering your twin flame:

  1. A sense of familiarity. Twin flames often feel a certain sense of comfort and familiarity that no other person has ever given them. The love that they have for each other is instantaneous, and it often develops into a deep friendship and sparks energy within the soul quickly.


  1. Twin Flame Telepathy. Twins can often pick up when one is thinking of the other, and it is important to maintain this connection because for years with one disappearing away from another, they don't often get to speak but they remain connected through this manner.


  1. When you meet with this person you will be led to a deep spiritual awakening that will allow you to see things that most humans can’t see. This is one of the biggest gift of twinship. This new spiritual life of yours will allow you to proceed with formidable clarity as you move forward in your journey.


  1. Twin flames feel a magnetic pull towards their twin, irrespective of whatever you may experience or whatever transpires. There is a pull from both the heart chakra, as well as the solar plexus chakra, which connects the twins initially. After a deep connection, especially a sexual one, all chakras link to each other, which means when twins have sex, the chakras interact with one another.


  1. Twins often find that they have many different things in common, especially when it comes to character and personality traits, and they will often discover this when they proceed further along in their spiritual development and journey together.


  1. The physical passion between twin flames, is absolutely like nothing you have ever experienced before. With your twin, it is instant Tantra and very erotic, but very loving at the same time. Twins often feel exceptionally overwhelmed when it comes to how they feel during lovemaking and even after it, because the depth of the act, is so profound and intense. This can and often does cause a dark night of the soul separation afterwards as the spiritually less developed twin runs away because he/she cannot mentally process as to what has happened.


  1. Twin flames incredibly bring out the absolute best and the absolute worst in each other. When things are going well, they are perfect. When they are not, both of them are in extreme pain.


  1. Twin flame duality. This can be many of the things listed above but it goes even further than energy. It’s a certain synchronicity that happens which brings a pair of twins from the regular 3D world and ascends into a 5D universe in which they are finally in duality.

There are many layers of energy between twin flames and this one is the ultimate one. This is when twin flames understand that there are two of them within the same universe and they both build one union for which is the highest form of love and connection.

These 8 traits are the common ones that you might feel elevating upon you and your twin. Through time things will change and you will have many challenges in staying connected, not only with your twin but with your self as well.

Remember that ultimately your journey is unique and you cannot compare it to anyone else’s journey. Within your own energy of duality exists your ego self and your sacred self. This means that even within your body you have twin energies that you have to adhere to, and make sure you are not feeding one and starving the other. Your ego must be kept happy, but also your sacred self; the energy that acts as your moral compass must be illuminated and allowed to grow.

Enjoy the twin flame journey and know that you must grow and ascend through your journey in order to put into practice what we learn. Let go of what is not working for you, and focus on what is working. It’s all an adventure. Overall discovering your true twin flame will happen once you discover yourself.