Although the title of this article is "A journey of twin flame pain" it does not mean that literally it's only a journey of pain. Perhaps I should have labeled this article "The twin flame journey and the pain one encounters" but nevertheless this article entails what many experience across this journey.

Often times we will find ourselves at odds with our twin flame, with life, and even ourselves.

When is enough enough? When should we just give up on our twin flame? Is there a limit of how much hope we should have? A limit to our patience? Our faith?

A twin flame journey can be one of pain and despair. And often times we gain more questions than answers.

We can’t allow these waves to overwhelm us no matter how strong the storm. No matter if the ultimate outcome is not being with our twin flame in this lifetime.

Realize that fear, pain, and despair will come… and it will go. Just like a storm, it won’t last forever. You will still remain, your consciousness within this energy will remain, through this lifetime and through what’s beyond will carry your conscious energy. You and your twin flame will continue to carry each other’s energy.

What I am getting at is that this journey is a journey for a reason - to experience these moments, these storms, and allow them to come and go. In other words, it shows us time and space, and how our own inner energy reflects upon that and experiences it through a universal journey. It makes us alive. It makes our twin flame come alive, even though they might be far away from us.

Often times we are so caught up in our own personal whirlwind that our minds cannot distinguish what will soon come our way.

Change will come our way. We want it now, but ultimately our universe will make it all happen at the appropriate time. And perhaps we are not meant to connect with our twin now… or perhaps even in this lifetime.

So is this a curse?

What if what we felt to be a curse was actually a blessing in disguise. What if it was a gift?

And I know most of us have heard that before… but it’s not in the actual “hearing” that matters. It’s about feeling it, and living it. Having a new sense of energy within your current situation that allows you to move forward, create something new and ascend along your journey.

We have heard some of these aphorisms quite often, but when something really hits you… it’s when we truly feel it and decide to take action.

Allow yourself to feel that energy when you need to feel it. Understanding how your twin flame energy works within yourself, within your twin and beyond, is an important challenge that has been set upon our journey.

Having the ability to look past our own energy and past the energy of our twin flame, is one of the challenges we face, as soon we learn from it, and put it into action in our daily life, the sooner we will advance in our journey.

We live in a noisy universe - therefore we have heard most things before. Again, it’s what you decide to focus on, while letting go of everything else that doesn’t matter. Focus, clarity, while getting rid of the noise is one of those challenges in our journey.

Relish in what you have learned in your journey, your own personal discoveries, and how you have developed your energy along in your journey.

Your twin flame might not be there to share the good and the bad with you, but this will resonate within them. It will be something that they will ultimately face in their journey.

The challenges you are going through now will be the same challenges that your twin flame will one day have to face, even though at this moment they might be quite oblivious to them and how it feels.

Have compassion for your twin flame as they have yet to experience what you are experiencing. And feel joy that this is just transcendence in the moment, and your heart aches will diminish, and you will see brighter horizons.

If your twin flame doesn’t understand what you feel it’s because they haven’t experienced it yet… but one-day they will because we are all part of one consciousness created in duality. A duality in which darkness will one-day experience light, and light will one day experience darkness… even though we are part of the same fabric, it is part of two halves, therefore being twins. After all, you are twins for a reason. Don’t allow pain to destroy your inner beauty.