When you try to push your twin flame away from memory, something will always bring them back into the forefront of your thoughts.

It can be small things, or synchronicities like someone wearing their perfume or having the same scent, or you just randomly read their name somewhere, or imaginig you hear their voice calling you. Perhaps someone who looks identical to your twin flame may walk by you.

You start to grow numb, you drown yourself in you work, you surround yourself with people, you strive to keep your mind busy, just so you will not think about them. But you will then notice that the more you try to forget that person, and the more you try to move on, the feelings just keep getting stronger.

Remember, you were predestined to be together with your twin flame. It’s your connection with another twin soul. More synchronicities will appear and be felt. This is just the universe saying you can never break the bond and escape.

So what do you do?

If running away is what you need to do, then do it. You may run away from your twin but you can never run away of what is already destined.

Embrace your feelings. Embrace whatever is happening. Also, in the meantime, you may just make use of this time “alone” to better yourself. And know that your other half is also doing the same. They will also fulfill their earthly karmic obligations while you are away. It is then during the “separation” time that you can both learn so much about yourselves, and others.

You are now on the path of enlightenment, to becoming the person that you are meant to become.

But then after everything you have gone through, you and your twin flame will inevitably cross paths again. It is the universe pulling you two back in. When that time comes, I assure you, the end reward, unconditional love between you two, is very much worth all the difficulties you were forced to get through during the times you were separated.

You will then again realize and feel, that the Twin Flame Love is very much exceptional than the love of “someone new” can ever give you.

You and your twin flame were destined to be together but it’s okay if you must work on yourself and allow your journey take you where it may.