The different type of soul mates that exist in the world are vast and far beyond what we can imagine.

We have things like twin flames, false twin flames, karmic soulmates as well as true soulmates.

Thinking about how many different things that we can come out with, we can often be confused about what it is, and what someone means to us. What may feel like a twin flame, can actually be a false flame that appears so very strong and real, however is very toxic and drains the last life out of you.

So how will you know the difference between the each and how they feel? 

How will you know if your twin flame is real or a false twin flame?

Often soul mates are someone that you comfortable with, and feels like a perfect fit. You don't argue with them much, they feel like a best friend and you love how they feel. It feels secure, happy and comfortable. This is a FAR cry from how a karmic twin, a karmic soulmate or a twin flame feels.

First and foremost, a true twin and a karmic twin often feel the same but depending on how they behave in your presence, it definitely feels like you can tell the difference.

With a karmic twin, you always seem to have some sort of compulsion, and you feel like you would definitely want to walk away from them but doesn't make sense as to why you don't.

A true twin is someone that you can argue with and in the next breath, kiss them because traditionally with twinship, what you seem to find is that they will encounter a lot strong emotion in you and it is a double edged sword.

If you have some sort of spiritual path in this world you will definitely meet your match in your twin flame because you will be on the same vibration, frequency and wavelength to be able to do so.

Before you meet your twin flame, you will definitely meet your false flame.

Your twin flame counterfeit, is exactly that. They are fake and cannot hold up a candle to the real thing. They are often toxic, but the pull is so strong, you think that you are going mad inside yourself. It takes a lot of strength to be able to walk away from your Twin Flame Counterfeit because they will keep cropping up when you least expect it.

What is also very interesting is that when you have the courage to let go and overcome the anguish, you find that it becomes easier for you to be able to meet your twin flame. So many people feel a deep connection to someone and wonder what it is, and think someone or something is naturally their soulmate.

We have 12 soulmates out of the soul family, so that's a fair amount of people to share a close connection with. Really, it is all about analysing how the person who feels like the lock to your key makes you feel and how you wish to be able to categorize those feelings. What happens when you realize who is who, is that you are able to deal appropriately.

I will soon write more about the 12 soulmates and how your spiritual growth develops with the frequencies of not only your twin flame, but of those many other realms within your universe, and also, more about ways to know if your twin flame is the real twin.