Many people scour different accounts and platforms trying to find how to get closer to their twin flame and all different types of mixed messages come up. 

Getting close to your twin flame, in essence is getting closer to yourself. 

When you focus excessively on your twin, you end up making them focus on themselves hence not focusing on you. 

What most people don’t seem to understand is that your twin is like shaking a stick in clear water and making it muddy. If he/she didn’t do that for you, you would not be able to clear everything that is within you, to reunite with them. Since you are both of the same soul frequency, one of the major things to deal with is shame and receptivity.

The interesting thing about shame is that it tells us something we are not, and it is often a projection of what is going on with someone else. 

Remorse is when we feel bad for making a mistake and shame is when we think we are the mistake. Shame is one of the biggest trigger wounds that come up within us when we encounter our twin flame. 

We can place all of the blame on them, especially when at a deeper level we are not ready or willing to face ourselves. 

Healing takes time and it is often quite painful because in order to heal from a situation emotionally and even at a spiritual level, you will be required to embrace self-awareness to feel through a situation. 

Many a time, when we become “injured” at an emotional level, our bodies suppress that emotion within us to a point it becomes latent and numb. After a certain degree of numbness, we believe that the emotion has been cleared out, however it has been stored in your cell memory. 

When emotions become trapped in your cell memory, it translates into emotions such as anxiety, depression, low mood, insomnia, fatigue. 

This in turn, creates something that is detrimental to the twin flame connection called receptivity blocks. 

Have you ever had someone offer to do something nice and kind for you and you found yourself turning it down? 

This is due to being blocked from feeling worthy and good enough to receive. You are simply unable to receive the most precious form of happiness as a gift through Love, if you are not able to receive. 

Many people merely state that they wish to be with their twin flame and yet deep blocks that are around guilt and shame, stop them from doing so. They feel ashamed to receive something beautiful because as a child, love was not seen as a healthy thing and receiving something came with strings attached and there was humiliation attached to it. 

Working on deeply clearing your shame and guilt blocks, is life changing when it comes to feeling open to receive love, firstly from yourself and through your twin flame.

You deserve to be happy, free, and, loved!

by Nadia Arain.