Connecting to source energy is tremendously important in attracting your twin back to you.

Source energy is essentially 5D Love and there are a tremendous amount of questions that you may have when it comes to the topic. The ascension of it is never smooth or simple. Meeting your twin will confirm that for you because you will only get to connect with them in your dream state, when you are actively doing the work on yourself.

 The matrix twin flame may not even realise anything needs to shift. However, the runner twin will realise that nothing in their life will have remained the same, after meeting you. After the twin meet and greet, your life façade—as it's called, starts to crumble. You realise that you become increasingly sad, despondent and lifeless because your soul starts to know the true beauty of 5D unconditional Love. Your ego will tell you that you are going absolutely mental and insane, however your heart will always know the Divine Truth.

The beauty of even spending heart space and time with your twin flame, even in tiny increments is monumental. It stirs your soul from it's very base and propels you to keep learning more and more lessons. Consider yourself reading this and attempting to understand everything that you are going through. And now take your stance of your twin who is ever confused, terrified and scared as to what is happening. Be patient with them by allowing them to run (they won't get far) and working on yourself.

The trouble with a lot of awakened twins, is that they highly focus on how to get their twin back, instead of doing the one thing which will actually facilitate that. When you take the focus off your twin completely, and start living life for yourself—energetically, your twin feels the dynamic, shift. A classic example of this, is leaving country for a short while. Many twins uncannily report that in a flight, their twin's energy is clinging on to them for dear life “thinking” they are leaving, only to reach their destination and realize that the world is super expansive and it is a lot of fun to just enjoy life!

It's tempting to become lost in the love that your twin gives you, however when you bear in mind that the love that your twin gives you is not something you need, rather something you want; it becomes simpler.

“How is this possible?” you may ask. As you start to address the unconscious beliefs that you may have in regards of being worthy to receive, Love and money energy (because they are all interlinked), you often end up finding that you're pouring more and more energy into loving yourself. The ironic thing is that the very thing that most twins do not want to do, is actually taking them away from attracting their twin back to them!