It is challenging when you first discover the world of twin flames, and you meet your twin flame for the first time.

When you merge into consciousness as the awakened twin, you come to the realization that you have known of your twin flame long before you guys even met in the reality of daily life.

The process for the person gaining this consciousness can be quite overwhelming and shocking. It’s a process that many at first do not quite understand, and can be quite an adventure with many ups and downs.

This twin flame process has many aspects to it, but I like to keep things quite simple. I feel that simplicity will allow to quicker get you to where you want to be, with a lot more ease and less pain.

I often refer to the first person that discovers and expands their life within the twin flame realm as the “conscious twin.” And I often refer to the twin that has yet to gain awareness as the “subconscious twin,” although some people like to call them the “unconscious twin.”

The subconscious twin is also known as the matrix twin because they might still be partaking in “karmic relationships” instead of being fully aware of their own personal energy as a twin flame.

When first discovering the world of twin flames from the perspective of the matrix twin – it can be quite overwhelming.

A matrix twin, or a subconscious twin, who is beneath the layers is immensely spiritual, psychic, and is incredibly aware, but chooses not to pursue these energies, might be doing so because these energies might be outside their comfort zone, and it feels much easier to face the world of twin flames.

For someone that is new in the world of twin flames, and is gaining consciousness with their spiritual energy, it might be that their life has to come to a complete standstill. They might be in the cross roads to discovering a way to heal, and feel whole again.

The twin flame journey can be long and very arduous, with each twin being tested beyond their mettle, through their own capacity on what they are capable of, in terms of energy, daily life, and personal relationships.

How do you know when you have met your twin flame?

You will just KNOW you have met your twin flame because what you feel for this person, you cannot feel with anyone else in the world, and not even in a soul mate, which will feel much more calmer and peaceful.

The best guidance and solutions for someone entering the world of twin flames is just the reaffirmation -- that you are not mad. You are not crazy, and you have not lost your mind. The connection is definitely not one sided, it is not just YOU that loves your twin. And knowing that no matter what it looks like on the outside, your twin might be lonely, perhaps frightened, and needs you as much as you need them.

Your twin flame probably loves you even more than you love them, but might be terrified of the connection turning out to be false, and they choose to temporarily stay away.

Being new in the world of twin flames is a rollercoaster of deep emotion, both good and bad, as all types of things come up to be purged. Anything from a past life, as well as this life, all bubbles up inside, which is why facing your twin flame is so triggering, and incredibly hard. Learning to keep patience with yourself and your twin, is absolutely key.

Through out articles written on this blog (twin flame secret), you will find many concepts, ideas, and a process by which twin flame energy exists. My own personal belief is that this overall journey is one of self love that is built by growing, and moving beyond what has held you back before in any aspect of your life.

Once you reach that capacity of not letting anything stop you, primarily yourself, or any energies that you might feel, and you go for anything you dream of, then that’s when magic truly happens. It has happened with countless of people before, so the question is…

Why won’t this happen for you?

It might not happen for you because often times we grow our negative energy to a much greater level than our positive, creative, and productive energy.

This is all about energy work, the energy you put out, and the energy you allow to receive and exist. How you view this energy, how you process it, and how you work with it.

In order to move forward you need to consciously and subconsciously transmit greater positive energy, while diminishing any negative energies, that if they go unchecked, will block your good energy flow.

In the world of twin flames there seems to be a lot of back story, deities, rituals and so forth, but ultimately this is all about you and your energy work.

Energy that you hold and energy that you transmit to another kindred soul in search of a twin connection. Use all that is useful for you, while implementing what works in your own life and allows you to grow. I mention this because from experience I know that you can get all caught up in “learning” and not truly be able to utilize what is most essential for you to move forward.

Find the right process, with the right references, and the right energy, and allow that to grow within you, because also, when you allow good loving and productive feelings to exist within your own spirit… your twin flame will also feel the vibrations, the energy, and ultimately take notice, even if it’s on a subconscious level at first.

Enjoy the process, grow, and move onward in learning and discovering the world of twin flames.