Entering the twin flame universe itself is enlightenment, which is both astounding and profound.

What is amazing when you look at this connection is that soon after meeting your twin, you both separate (usually the runner, runs off!) and you both start your own journeys, learning many things about yourselves on an individual basis, as well as finding out about your divine connection and honoring it.

What is most interesting about twin flame enlightenment, is that your twin flame actually helps you heal up all your own wounds.

Most twins flames who are newly separated from their twin feel soul shock, the overwhelming sense of dread, fear, anxiety, panic, depression, hopelessness, chaos and utter despair that you've lost the best thing of your life.

Essentially, this is going back to when your soul was split into two and you lost a part of you.

Imagine your arm being chopped off. OUCH. And you would yell and scream in unbearable pain. Your soul is doing the same thing when your twin flame walks off basically. It's tempting to think the runner twin flame may not feel anything inside, but since it's the same soul—on that basis, you're practically guaranteed that your twin has felt and feels the same—absolutely the same level of pain that you do.

Over time, you will be drawn to spiritual clearings.

Through definitive and different paths that you choose, you will start to have layers cleared off you which essentially are going to help you clear out whatever has been holding you back whether it is from this life or the next.

When these blocks have been cleared out, you will find that your own healing has begun and purge is being very successful. Since you and your twin flame share a soul (it's basically the same thing!) essentially anything you clear out, your twin is having the theta clearing of it as well. What is interesting, is that when this is done, you will find your twin flame will move forward towards you automatically.

Remember, that a twin flame relationship is actually commitment to yourself and healing your own trauma and wounds, to embody the happy vibration of unconditional love within yourself as well as your loving twin.

Enlightenment means that you are able to see life from multiple mental models.

You are able to see different view points and perspectives, things you thought that you necessarily wouldn't have seen moving ahead in life. You are able to be much more sensitive, kind and compassionate to others understanding that some souls are much more developed than others.

Enlightenment comes from self awareness, self mastery and self resolution to self, more than even your twin—to become the best person you can ever become in your entire lifetime.

It is a huge challenge, and one that will transform your soul beyond happiness and measure. Even all the pain that you will have experienced will be worth it in the end. Remember, enlightenment only comes from when you are free from psychic attack.

Discovering twin flame enlightenment takes one step at a time.

Nothing stays the same in our universe, and no matter how things get, you will get a new day with new sunlight ahead. Having said that, it takes will power for us to take the first step, and then the next, until things begin to change for the better.

It all begins with commitment to taking the first few steps – which in turn will be the hardest steps, yet, after you will find that disrupting bad habits, or bad behavior, is worth it. And within the world of twin flames it just means that enlightenment is something that you are aware of. Having the ability to know more about the twin flame universe - you can use this power to proactively move forward in your universal journey.

Be proud that you have made it this far in your twin flame journey, and learned so much along the way – your spirit thanks you and will forever feel the good vibrant energy you give. Your twin flame spirit is within you and beyond within an universe that understands you are both part of the same chalice of energy.