In this articles I will lay out a few tips and insights on how to discover your twin flame.

When twin flames meet again physically, an unique awakening occurs. The fire of the alpha twin and the fire of the omega twin become connected. 

Up until this union, the fire has actually laid dormant. Now, as their connection increases on all levels, these coils lace to form the two twin fires turning into one. They come into balance with each other, merging into each other until there is no noticeable difference between them. They have altered all the imbalances that kept them apart. Now they are a true twin flame union.

Feelings and vibrations of finally discovering your twin flame.

Perhaps you have previously experienced powerful dreams or visions of a stranger you admired. You felt a certain sensation, powerful feelings and emotions towards this person. As if this person was someone you met in the past, or an individual you are certain to meet in the future.

Through dreams; whether they are lucid dreams, or other types of dreams, your subconscious transcends messages within you that this person does exist - even though you might not have a clear image of what this person looks like, or perhaps their appearances might be altered within different dreams. Still, you have a feeling that this person does exist somewhere, and if you were to  run into this person… this person would also recognize you on the that same vibrational level... a subconscious level.

Signs that you found your twin flame.

The eyes are the window to the soul. When you come across your twin flame there is great intensity when you look at each others eyes.

Looking into his or her eyes is like looking into your own heart; you feel their dreams, struggles, subtle emotions. Also, anything that is being repressed, or that needs to be recovered, will also be felt and reflected within the eyes.

Those moments when there is an overwhelming feeling of genuine love, those sensations will be felt so strong within that those feelings can be absolutely explosive, and you might begin to merge feelings into a sensation of oneness with your twin… and within you, you may also experience oneness with your surroundings.

Signs you are discovering your twin flame:

  • You feel an overwhelming feeling of love, as well as attraction. This love is genuine, as well as warm, and you may also feel drawn to your twins magnetism.
  • You feel completeness that goes beyond words.
  • Your twin flame mirrors your own issues and concerns, all while additionally complimenting each other's skill sets, talents, and abilities.
  • You could be of a different age, the same gender or opposite gender, different social economic backgrounds, religions, or cultures, yet you feel an unparalleled feeling of entirety. A bond that is unique within your universe - internally as well as externally.
  • You may feel each others emotional states - even when you are not near each other
  • Regardless of how many times you are apart from your twin flame, forces of nature appear to bring you back to each other. You feel signs of a twin flame connection everywhere, urging you back together.

When you discover your twin flame... the connection is enchanting, irreplaceable and attractive.

It is however vital to note that even when you have actually discovered your twin flame, there could very well be conflicts, and also differences that may occur in the relationship, including splitting up because of differences in personalities, as well as upbringing. Often times  your twin flame will become a twin flame runner due to the immense subconscious realization that they are a part of something bigger, a genuine union brought upon by the universe and nature.

Nonetheless, these bodily, mental, or perhaps emotional distinctions must be made use of… to improve the partnership, as well as to suit each others spiritual energy. Once you find your twin flame, you will know it, and you will feel it... within time.