When we dream about someone, whether we know that person or not - we often attach certain feelings to those dreams. Sometimes we might remember those dreams, but more often than not we might just recall that we had a dream by a certain feeling or tinge we have through out the next day when we are awake.

In this article I will share thoughts on discovering your twin flame in a dream. Please keep in mind that dreams have many different meanings, and these thoughts are merely ones I've gathered from my own personal experiences. 

Dreams are mysterious, and not all dreams are the same. Some dreams can have a deep significant meaning, while other dreams can just be random ones. We might have a lucid dream from time to time, and at other times we might have dreams that are just a reflection of our own daily thoughts, or perhaps we can have a dream premonition that a later date we acknowledge to be true.

The wide dynamics of our dreams means that it is up to us to interpret our own dreams to find their true meaning. Yet, there is a part of us that we know of when we are dreaming of someone that we feel a deep bond and connection with. Perhaps we see this person in a dream and we instantly recognize them, at other times we might see a stranger, yet we feel that we know them intimately, as if there was something that united your spirit to their spirit. This can be your twin flame coming across in a dream.

One of the key elements to pay attention to (if you are having a lucid dream), or recall if you are trying to find the meaning of a dream, is to pay attention to the vibrations in that dream. Feel those vibrations, the way you felt them from your surroundings and from the other person in your dream. And also feel the vibrations you were emitting towards that person.

Where those vibrations in your dream filled with love, hope, joy?

Sometimes we just know that we are dreaming about our twin flame, even though their face and appearance might morph through the dream. Other times it takes more recalling and looking for clues, mainly vibrations  you might have felt, to realize it was your twin flame indeed.

Discovering your twin flame flame via a dream can have various meanings, yet if you take a step back and see the bigger picture - you will see the dynamics of the twin flames being there - almost as if being one. Such a dream can give you that vision of what it is to be in oneness with your twin flame. Such dream can take you to explore what the final union with your twin flame will feel like, and for that fragment of the moment you by be living in it.

Dreaming about your twin flame can be a powerful and unforgettable dream. Yes, you can dream of  your twin flame running away, or arguing with them, but if that is truly your twin flame… sooner or later you will have a dream of being one with them.

The beauty of twin flames is that even though you might face drama and arguments, there is also that energy of love between two people. Perhaps is true love that is yet to be explored, yet that love is so strong and magnetic that you will have such a dream about that person sooner or later.

Dreams can create a deeper illusion that often times we cannot see in our daily life, and just the reflections of those illusions, whether it is a visual one, or one that we feel without our emotions… that is something that can deeply inspired us to move deeper into our deserved light we want to share with our twin flame.

If nothing else, allow those energetic, immersive dreams to inspire you, to give you a bit of light in your journey.