Many twins often wonder to themselves if what they feel inside, is exactly what their twin feels.

The short answer, is yes because you are them and they are you.

However, because you are 2 separate people, you may feel the emotions at different times.

Because flames burn so brightly, it is tempting to think that your twin won’t feel anything. Meeting yourself and your very own energy signature in another person, can leave you feeling quite overwhelmed.

The pain and anxiety that a twin flame feels, simply comes from soul anxiety. Soul anxiety means at the core, you do not feel centred or safe.

Twin unions are not simple to understand and certainly not easy to feel. There are many layers of the onion to peel which we inherit from other lifetimes as well as experiences of this life that you require to process, in order to have a healthy relationship with your twin.

The interesting part is that when twins meet and spend a bit of time together, all the pain activates upon contact and comes to the surface meaning that the latent pain that both of you didn’t know that you had, will begin to hit.

It is a very common thing to feel extreme anxiety after meeting your twin, because it stirs up everything. It is also common to wonder if it is only you, the twin who is awakening or has awakened who feels this way – and the answer is two-fold.

Yes, because as I mentioned before, you are that person and they are you. No, because it will take them LONGER to feel what you do, as they are to a degree; asleep, and require time to wake up.

When I first met my twin, I felt immense happiness around him and then I felt crippling anxiety. I didn’t understand why I felt this way or what was happening. All I knew was that through him, I was able to actualise so much more of myself that would have never happened had I not come across him.

As yourself and your twin share an energy body as well as a causal body, the best way to keep healing yourself at the core, is facing all the ways in which you self-sabotage.

This allows you to free yourself to healthier and embrace a higher vibrational way of living that will allow you to plug in any gaps that leaves you feeling dismantled and unworthy at a deep level.

This is why I created Heart Wall Clearings to assist with all your emotions to heal you at the core, so that it becomes simpler for you to vibrate at an elevated level to magnetise the best things towards you.

As your emotions clear up, you will come to find that you will have a healthier relationship with yourself and also with your twin.

It will lessen down the soul anxiety you may feel and help you navigate the tricky and challenging moments that all of us twins feel in our journey of life.