Dreaming about your twin flame is something that is exceptionally common, especially if you aren't together in a relationship or haven't been for a while.

Because the souls are attached at a 5D level, it is easy to access your twin's astral side when you are asleep.

A lot of the time, people report dreaming of their twin and then they show up in a few days later in their life.

My own experience of lucid dreaming of my twin is that if my twin doesn't show up often, however whenever my twin does—I am positively sure to hear from my twin flame.

The connection between twin flames is so incredibly strong that they are often thinking of each other at the same time when they contact each other. Any times I have heard from my twin, we always remark that we were in each other's dream the night before.

Whilst the average person may chalk this down to serendipity or chance, twin flames know that their souls originate from the same material, and dreams are the only place where they are able to join without any ego getting in the way.

People have always wondered how to be able to summon your twin flame without them knowing and the answer is very simple:

Rub your hands together, and form an energy vortex between your hands. When you feel that you cannot close the invisible bubble between them anymore, ask the question you desire your twin to answer.

Remember, they are not answering but their spirit is, which ensures that you will always get the correct answer.

Your twin flames spirit is always near you which is why when you are physically in the same space, you both go insane with overwhelm and feeling because it is like seeing yourself in the mirror.

Most people want to know how we are able access their twin flame and to be able to do so, you need to live like vicariously as well as inspire your twin at all times.

It is often remarked that one twin flame is very conscious, and the other twin flame is the runner because the feelings they feel for their twin, overwhelms them to beyond measure.

The comfort and passion that twin flames share is incredible because it is an unbreakable bond for life. They both know that the levels of affection are deep and long lasting. No where is this more apparent than in your dream because we are detached from the shackles and constraint of reality and time that often holds us back on what we want to say.

Twins flames often report dreaming of their twin in a very intense and passionate way because when the souls merge, they know exactly what they want.

You will know someone is your twin flame based on how you feel about and around them. As well as how they feel about you and around you. Dreaming about my own twin flame is a very enriching experience because I always know what is going on my twins life before my twin tells me, and vice versa.

One of the challenging things about knowing your twin flame is knowing you cannot hide anything from them on a spiritual level.