Getting back with a twin flame ex is something that a lot of people have desired the answer to. They wonder what to do about it, why the break up happened and how it would benefit them to get back together. One of the most salient bits about attempting to get back with a twin flame ex partner, is to know that a new relationship is not always certain and you may indeed NOT be compatible on an Earthly plain. Many people are simply cordial and friendly with their twin flame because both sides know that their Earthly ambitions and destinations, just do not converge. You cannot jump into something blindly because of your feelings for someone, only to realise that you are chalk and they are cheese.

So how does this go about ? Firstly, as most twin flame relationships go—one is the runner and the other is wondering WHY the other is even running. This is due to the intensity of feeling that is on the runners part, that they have never felt before. It is mind numbing, overwhelming and leaves them feeling completely out of control. For most average couples that had broken up, there is far too much drama, ego and power play for them to ever think of getting back together. With your twin flame you will always have a magical connection because you aren't bound to each other by common shallow interests such as liking the same movies or food. It goes much deeper than that. You are bound under the grid of a karmic soul tie, something that neither of you can explain. The only logical explanation that you are able to give is that, you are both compelled and drawn to each other beyond measure.

Personality wise, you may be poles apart but there is always something underneath the surface that drives and draws you to that person. A lot of people often recall sexual encounters with their twin flame as the benchmark of all the sexual experiences, not because of the sex per se, rather because of the experience. It is often very intensely passionate and loving and both parties keep the memory for life. That alone can get a lot of people wanting to go back to their twin flame ex, to have that feeling coursing through them consistently. That, unfortunately will end up in co-dependence because you feel that is only the other person that can make you happy, and not yourself.

As your connection to your twin flame is magnetic, you need to be able to sit down with them without overwhelming them, and discuss your previous relationship. What happened?

Why did they choose to leave?

And when they speak, LISTEN. Most people have the habit of inferring things that do not even exist, because they would rather hear anything that doesn't shatter their dream, as opposed to the truth. If your twin flame ex says that they prefer not to have a relationship with you, do not take it personally. They are speaking with a logical mind, and you must be respectful of their decision not to pursue it any further.

When you listen to them, you will often hear them “slip”.

Slipping is very common when the twin flame runner meets you and there is a significant outpouring of emotion, in which you will probably hear things from them that you would have never imagined. Marriage, kids and the whole nine yards. It will probably shock you, but your job is to listen.

Some times your twin flame ex will be so overcome with emotion, that they will completely withdraw away from you and avoid you for a while.

That is normal too. Over time, trying to strike up being friendly with them is the imperative thing because from there you can glean where you stand in someone's life.

Getting back with your twin flame ex, is rather simple when you know that just because your feelings are overwhelming you, it doesn't mean that you have to lash out and blame your twin flame.

Your twin flame runner is probably a 100 times more confused than you are and you have to tread both lightly and carefully.

Set up a very friendly, non-threatening meeting with them and just keep it very light. Speak about how you would like to make it work again and see what they have to say. Don't push, don't beg, threaten, nag, cajole or plead. Just accept the answer you will get and know that if you are meant to be together down the line when you have both sorted your own karmic energy out individually, then you will definitely be together. The good thing about knowing your twin flame is knowing that they can NEVER be ice cold to you from their heart, even through their actions may behave that way.

Have faith that you will always have a special connection with your twin flame for life and you will have someone that has a life bond with you!