The journey of the soul is complex and complicated at best.

On that note, it should come as no surprise that it is simple and easy to give up hope when it comes to your twin flame.

The actual process is not easy, and it varies between one person to another. Because so much is triggered when you meet your actual counterpart, it can feel like you love and hate the person, all in the same breath.

Which is why it is important to be able to have someone to talk to, about it. Many people claim that they can help you with your twin flame, and yet they have not walked the journey, themselves.

You will know your twin flame by your energy frequency and this is something that you cannot fabricate or makeup.

Your BODY will respond to this and you already have to possess some level of clarity within yourself, to make this known to you.

The funny thing about the twin journey, is the going back and forth which actually causes the telepathic doubt between the both of you.

Because your twin is you and you are them, at a spirit level – it stands to reason that you will know things about him/her and them, about you. However because of all this natural and normal anxiety, it is easy to end up pushing something you really want away from you.

On this path, it comes as no surprise that you’re often looking for guidance or clarity and many things are put in your way, however, rarely do people actually talk about the ONE word that helps calm all of your anxiety and stress down…

This one word is the word -- INEVITABLE.

When you order food at the restaurant, you do not get up every 5 minutes and inquire about it and nor do you clamour to figure out WHO is bringing it to you. All you know, is that It is COMING and that it is INEVITABLE that it comes.

However, in order to reach this stage, the ORDER you place with the waiter/ess, has to be clear. Which is why I am huge on Heart Wall Clearings, a new concept and phenomenon that allows all the hidden and trapped emotions that are stuck in your heart are (we all have them) plus all the stuff you bring from past lives, to wash and clear away.

When you realise that it is inevitable when you do your ENERGY WORK to reunite with your twin, things will accelerate for you faster.

Nothing kills the union more than doubting and mulling over something happening, as opposed to being SURE and confident. When I wanted to get into a higher grid to manifest the actual goal with my twin, I worked on purging everything out that would have hurt the both of us, and got myself into alignment with myself by MARRYING MYSELF. In simple terms, this means returning to YOURSELF.

Allowing yourself to discover yourself means strengthening your aura, through repairing your energy body through an aura cleanse.

Remember, when something is INEVITABLE, you are not building upon it.

You are removing everything that is in the way to be able to have a happy healthy union with your twin flame! 

By Nadia Arain