Many people who are on the twin flame journey, may have even correctly identified their twin flame and yet after spending time with them or meeting them, they simply cannot find “alignment” with them. 

The thing with twin flames, is that it is a rollercoaster journey, and sometimes you will be totally in love and peace with your counterpart. On other days, and perhaps even for months, you may not want to see the person’s face because you are literally triggered by everything that comes up. 

Allow this to come naturally, do not let people tell you that you consistently require yourself to be in harmony with your twin.

Flames are made of oxygen and burn brightly. When they do so, they consume a lot of energy and hence your karmic factor is a big thing on the journey. Many people feel that they are able to reunite and get into a relationship or marriage with their twin flame, however until all the karma has been cleaned and released, it is impossible to achieve that type of alignment. 

You may be thinking and asking as to why and that is because we live in a world that wants to stop 2 divine twin flames getting together, at all costs. 

Twin love is exceptionally strong and powerful and will raise up the vibration of every single person who comes into contact with them. Hence from past lives, there is a tonne of karma to clear out before you can get into alignment with the source of reuniting with your twin.

Karma can be many things that transpired between the both of you. 

For myself and my flame, I died unexpectedly and it left him heartbroken. This meant he was super guarded and also in this lifetime, without my knowledge it created a tonne of romantic karma that was blocking me from my own happiness as well. 

It is amazing how much stuff we can carry over from previous lives, especially when we have never had the energetic walls around our heart cleared. It is impossible to connect with yourself inside which is required to value yourself (to connect with your twin), when you have energetic walls that are extremely thick. 

As you feel this karma shift, you will open yourself and feel more loving and compassionate. This is instrumental into getting back into your heart space. This world teaches us to live in our heads and gets us to function like a robot, however getting back into your heart, will allow you to connect with yourself and your twin flame, equally. Your karma may be the only thing that is blocking you from true love. The love of your own self, firstly and to attract your counterpart towards you.

by Nadia Arain.

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