Past lives with your twin flame is something that is easy to figure out, especially if you already have experience speaking to spirits (your guides or communication with any other ones), and you can ask them to show you, either in your 3rd eye, or a trance, about where you were with your twin, and how you actually lived life with them.

A lot of twin flames are very spiritual by nature and will often just “know” things about their past life with their twin, however if you are new to this journey, and you are confident that the other person in question IS indeed your twin flame, then it is wise to go to a past life hypnotist to be able to take you through what you had with them.

In your twin flame journey, it is very wise to be able to figure out which past lives you had with your twin, and what was the reason you had it with them, because that will heavily impact you in this life.

Remember, any unresolved karma is something that will come through to this life, and you have to also be aware that codependent patterns will continue on, as well as unresolved any business.

You can also do crown chakra meditations to find out what was happening, especially if you are unable to channel.

The reason for this is because when you do this type of meditation, you will find that you are able to connect to divine wisdom, and see things that normally you wouldn't have been able to see. This will give you a lot of insight into seeing, thinking, and feeling, how things were between your twin and yourself, and if there is anything you can do to fix it moving forward.

The best thing you can do when you visit a past life hypnotist is to have them record what you have said in trance mode to be able to replay it to you later, especially if it is a regression; where you have gone backwards. There are different ways in order to have the clarity desired. It also depends how spiritually advanced you are as well, because if you are advanced, you are able to do it yourself without any real concern or fuss. However, if you are looking for professional help, then it is absolutely necessary to go to a past life regressionist.

What you will often find is that you will have had more than one past life with your twin flame, and there will be a series of visits that you will have to undertake in order to have clarity on what you are dealing with, and how to bring it into your current life.

Lots of people want to rush through their twin flame journey, because they have no clue that they need to take their time, and develop their true inner self.

A journey of clarity.

As a twin flame we are often caught of guard, and perplexed as to what something might mean; whether it is a certain energy, or a certain person that we are dealing with. As humans we often seem to complicate things because of our emotional needs, and because of the complexity of our ego. By the way, “ego” does not just refer to a degree of arrogance, but it deals with our wants and needs, and how we process them through our personality. Much of this has been developed primarily from our childhood experiences, but it is also something that is inherent to our spiritual DNA.

When we deal with introspection we have to be able to pull back the layers of who we are and trace things back in an honest way. Now, personally, I know that it is quite popular to trace things back, and try hard to get a definite “why” something happened, or why I am this way, etc. But personally to me the “why” is not so important as to the process of how it actually happens in the present time. For instance, let’s say that someone is afraid of the dark. They can go into regression and find out the true source of how it might have started, but personally I also care as much not only about the history of why I would be afraid of the dark, but just as importantly, the current energy process that I go to for which I put myself in that state.

Do certain thoughts come to mind first?

Do I roll my eyes back, and cross my shoulders? 

Does my breathing change?

What is my inner self talk that plays in my head?

This duality of regression and exploring the current process is one that needs to be balanced well in order to make a productive change.

It all starts with clarity of self.

Pull back those layers and gain clarity of self in whatever you wish to either heal or move forward from.

Past lives are important, but as equally important is the current inner process for which the past might be affecting us. This might sound complex to some, but again, simply start by gaining clarity of self, and clarity of energy. Begin my being more aware of the process by which certain things, energies, moods, come up. Explore that process and find ways by which you can gain more clarity, and perhaps change little things to make that process a better one for you.

Duality exists on so many different levels, but the one that I am taking about here is the one by which your past life has it’s essence, and how your present life also has it’s essence.

If you would put one on top of the other, perhaps in a way that you would put an xray sheet on top of another xray sheet…

then its not just about a linear time frame, but more importantly: how a process exists on two different levels.

The power of past lives is that we have so much to learn and rediscover from them. Some of us are fascinated by how we have evolved as twin flames, and where our journey is taking us. We are intrigued by similar recurring themes through past lives, and what our current destiny holds.

Do our past lives contain clues as to what our destiny is? I believe it does.

This is a concept that we can get more and more blurred confusion about, yet if we start with the self intent of gaining clarity, taking baby steps… then we will discover much more about our past, present, and future.

I should add the disclaimer that you will perhaps comes across things in your past life that are not completely accurate, or ones that you can’t seem to find an answer for. Be patient.

Sometimes in this process of discovery there can be many glitches, but above all what matters are not the small glitches, but the overall energy, process, and understanding.

Soon enough you will begin to see and feel how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together.

I don’t believe that we will ever find all the answers… but that’s okay because it’s not so much about the “why” as more how we can carry own with the current process that affects an amazing journey that is reflecting upon the past in order to shift us forward.

PS...  I should add that our nightly dreams are quite powerful and often times they will give me insights into my past lives.  I did not want to include references to dreams in this article because I will soon enough write an article just about past lives and dreams, and go into depth as to how they are connected.  Dreams are the MAIN way for me to discover what my past and future lives are about.  So stay tuned.