How do I attract my twin flame  and soul mate? This is something many people wish to know, especially as they start to grow their spiritual growth in life.

Some of the best recommendations on this topic is to start looking inward and understand the mysteries of what you are unable to see. For example, the majority of people are obsessed with looking at things logically, however when you are looking to attract pure 5D type of love into your life, you need to take a step back and look at things on an emotional level. It is challenging to do this, especially living in a world where people are constantly berating emotional people for allegedly having something “wrong” with them.

The best way to attract your twin flame, is to address all the things that you choose to run away from.

It is tempting in modern day society to run away from things that are uncomfortable, however that will harm you and your partner tremendously in your relationship! Imagine the time that they have had a bad day, and you just want to emotionally run away because you cannot handle what is coming next. A lot of people want their twin flame but have no idea how to handle themselves first.

Think of the things that you feel challenged by and how they affect you. Also, think of how they will affect your relationship.

Living as a guardian of the truth, it becomes easier to attract your twin flame (although keeping them, is quite the other) because you are very much less likely to put up with someone's smokescreen, especially when it involves telling lies and cheating.

Another way, is to invoke the power of the spell of the Amor Incantamentum, which is basically a special incantation to meet someone that your soul will love and vice versa, for all your life. It is living in Divine faith that when you are supposed to meet your twin flame, you will. And also knowing that they may be a different faith, race, age, or even distance away from you.

The paramount reason of these types of deep connections is to show the human race that the barriers that have been created specifically, keeping Love out of all the cracks, can and will be overcome.

Be patient in attracting your Twin Flame because it is often something that we meet, especially when we have gone through a series of Karmic relationships that have taught us many lessons before we proceed any further.

When you have met your twin flame you will undoubtedly know that they are the right person, based on what you feel for them!