Attracting your twin flame is somewhat of a mystery to most people, especially those who are desiring a 5D relationship, instead of a 3D or 4D one. Most people at one point of their life, especially if they are looking for more awareness of life, look for a relationship that leads them to true bliss. Unfortunately, the salient bit with most people is that they look for someone else to complete them and yet they don't think one bit about trying to work on themselves.

Attracting anything in life means that you need to be synergistic towards it. Most people's relationships are 3D, which means that they are filled with pain, drama, confusion and power-plays. Most relationships are always a power play, which is something that when you transcend, you leave behind. Doing the work on yourself in terms of questioning your beliefs, is one of the best ways to attract your twin flame. There are a few ways to attract your twin flame, however keeping them—is quite the other. In order to attract the other half of your soul, it is imperative that you cut the cords of attachment of any other ex partners that you may have. When we sleep with someone, we exchange an energy imprint that if left un cleared, can leave a tonne of spiritual debris inside us which makes us very susceptible to being part of crazy drama that an ex partner can often indulge us in. The simple way to cut your cords, is to find a shamanic healer that is able to cut them off for you in a loving and healing manner, ensuring that it is only the negative ones severed.

Once the cords have been cut, you will most likely hear back from the person it has been severed from because you were their energy source and supply and they are desperate to reattach. Also, when you are looking to manifest your twin flame, it is important that you mediate to open your heart chakra as well as your crown chakra. You meditate to open your heart chakra because this is the portal from which love will travel to your twin. A lot of people assume that twin flame love is very easy and blissful and joyous, which it IS once you have overcome difficulty. Twin flame love is often very painful and leaves you an incredible amount of pain because the intensity of the feelings on both sides, are severe for lack of a better term. Preparing yourself to attract your twin flame also begins with putting your own life into perspective and understanding into why you choose to behave the way you do. It is important to understand and comprehend your own thoughts very clearly before you choose to seek out someone that will most likely be a very loving but irritating mirror of all the things you're hiding.

Part of wanting to attract a twin flame connection to you, is knowing that you need to start dealing with your own demons as quickly as possible, before you decide to make the space for your perfect match to meet you! And this is one of the better roads on how to attract your twin flame.