The holidays can be one of the hardest times when dealing with a twin flame. It is supposed to be a time of happiness and joy for family and friends but…

Sometimes we have skeletons in the closet or unresolved matters that we suddenly are pushed to deal with, both internally and externally as well.

Our emotions and energy comes forth and seeks answers. We want to know where we stand, and just as importantly, where we are moving towards with our twin flame.

Some of the questions we might ask ourselves are:

- Will my twin flame be able to bond with me during the holidays?

- Will I be able to find peace and joy from my interactions with others, especially my twin?

- What can I do to amend and bond closer with my twin during a time when it seems that others are having fun and happiness with their loved ones?

These questions and many others are the reason why the holidays can be a daunting time for twin flames, a time that can drain your energy, drain your hope and love. A time in which you might feel more frustrated than usual and be overcome by all sorts of emotions.

We just want to be at peace, happy, and communicate with our twin flame. Is this possible?

My belief is that love, peace, and devotion or starts within yourself… and sometimes that you have to give yourself first. If you cannot allow yourself to feel positive vibes for your own self, then it will be difficult for us to put out that energy towards others, regardless if it’s our twin flame, soul mate, or mere acquaintance.

I want to share one keen aspect that I been thinking about lately…

Have you ever tried to do something really well, so right, something that you did not want to mess up?

Whether it was at work, or within socializing when you try really hard to make something right… sometimes that is the reason why it doesn’t work. Let me explain…

When we try so hard to make something work, our energy becomes more conscious of what is going on, and we become critical of ourselves… and this is a sure way to fail with our best intentions. This is the reason why you might feel so drained after a day at work - not just because you worked hard, but your energy was being over-amped at not trying to make any mistakes.

You were not allowing yourself to flourish in a natural state of being.

Even when we focus intently on doing things right… this takes a lot of energy from us. And when we get weary, we begin losing our connection with others. This also works vice versa with our twin - when our twin’s energy drains they might act out with negative thoughts and actions, and you might be on the receiving end of that.

This is often the reason why a connection with someone can be more volatile during the holidays - if things are not already working out to a level that at least brings comfort - then those mistakes will be amplified. Our good energy will deplete quicker, and in the process causing bigger rifts because we expect things to be just right during the holidays, during a time of peace and joy. In essence, we are draining our own energy because we are pushing for no mistakes whatsoever to occur.

So what is the answer?

To connect with your twin flame during the holidays you must come from a place of love. But not just love towards your twin, but inner self-love as well.

Plant the seeds for self-love so that they may soon bloom. Your twin will feel this within themselves because there is a spiritual connection between twins. Your twin flame might feel this subconsciously but as long as you stay grounded with your good energy, it is something they will appreciate.

Know that sometimes people might act as if they don’t appreciate something, but if you are grounded in your energy, consistent and show that you are a beacon of light, then that will vibrate within their energy.

All of this is not possible without feeling relax and allowing the natural journey to take its course. If we are too conscious of not wanting to make any mistakes with our twin… these mistakes will amplify. And yes, during the holidays a simple argument will feel as if you been hit with a thousand bricks.

Learn to let go of bad energy and frustration because it’s so easy for it to recoil itself and be amplified. Allow mistakes to happen, don’t focus on them. Focus on your good will towards others, and your love towards your twin, even if they are also making mistakes themselves.

Do you recall the good actions and right moments you had with your twin?

Focus on recalling that energy and allow yourself to not only feel it but also recreate it again for yourself.

The bond that you have is not just with another human being, your twin flame bond is one that you have with yourself and the universe. Don’t lose sight of your spiritual energy and how it is one with all that you love.

Our journey is one of duality that we must understand and endure so that we may once again become one.