Developing your twin flame telepathy seems like something that a lot of people would find challenging, however it is quite possible. Twins often know what the other is thinking, without having to say a word. However, if you are finding that your twin isn't being very receptive of what you are sending out to them, it is because you are conditionally expecting a response.

The whole idea of being twin flames is the fact that you do not need to expect anything back from your twin. Your twin teaches you unconditional duality and love as well as the element of reducing your ego to a degree out of the equation, enabling you to transcend.

So how do you begin to make it easier for yourself, especially if you find yourself having a busy schedule and a very tired body?

The answer is remarkably simple. Start talking to your twin as though they were next to you and could hear you. They CAN hear you (their soul does), even when they physically cannot.

Most twins report that their twin randomly got in touch and was touching on all the topics that they wanted to discuss with them, but for whatever reason couldn't. As both twins are psychic, whether they are aware of it or not—the flow of thoughts and energy between the cord that links the twins is incredible.

As you start to shift and energetically clear the things that your twin triggers in you, you start to find that the flow of the thoughts moving between you and your twin, become more stronger and yet all that more simpler.

Another fantastic way to get clarity quite rapidly, is through meditation.

When you meditate, you allow your mind the luxury of stillness, as opposed to the chatter that is going on in the background all the time. When your mind is still, you are able to receive insights that dramatically affect how you communicate with your twin.

Sometimes, you may not be in touch with your twin for months or even years, however I guarantee that they know what is going on in your life at all times. Because you both share a soul, your separate experiences in life are uncannily similar and resonate very deeply with the other.

As you keep practicing telepathy with your twin as you would practice anything else, it becomes all that more simpler to allow the thought flow to keep moving normally.

Another way to practice telepathy with your twin, is automatic writing.

Because so often your mind is so muddled up with other things throughout the day---automatic writing is the perfect way to let yourself “bleed” out everything that is both important and relevant. You can start by saying the words aloud for your twin's higher self to hear, no matter how crazy it sounds. As the universe is always listening, so is your twin's higher self, and it is a matter of time before the information is downloaded from the ether into the mind for your twin to act upon it.

In fact, especially during separation when it hurts most, telepathy can definitely help heal you!