One of the questions I most often get asked is: how do I know if this person is my real twin flame?

Before I list out a few key points on how to detect a true twin flame, first let me say that when a person is infatuated with someone else - they have already made up their mind on what to believe. They already believe that this person is their true soul mate or twin flame regardless of what anyone else tells them. Even if it’s not their true twin flame.

Why is this?

This comes down to our inner energy of duality and both of its parts, the ego and the higher self.

Our ego self (not to be confused with being egotistical) operates from its needs, wants, and desires. It will move to convince the mind that wanting and getting things right now, at this moment, is what matters. It yearns for instant gratification, from things such as what to eat, fun things to do right now, and all the way to the person the ego self desires.

If the ego self is so strong that it leads through a day to day basis then it will decide that its made up its mind - this other person that it’s infatuated with is indeed their true twin flame. And they come up with all the reasons such as “numerical explanations” and so forth.

And who is anyone else to argue with that?

It is up to the person to decide on what they want to believe.

What matters most is what happens next:

Do they succeed in having a wonderful relationship with this other person that turns out to be the love of their life?

Does this other person turn out to really be their twin flame?

All answers surface with time, but is there a short cut to find out?

Having a healthy ego self is good but it can also be troublesome. And it might very well take years to discover the truth that… this person was not their twin flame after all. It was a fake twin… but the chase felt good, it added to the fire, and it made them dream.

Ultimately you have to ask yourself… twin flame or not - is it worth it to spend time and energy on someone that does not reciprocate love and affection?

And how much time and energy are you willing to give before realizing that it might all just lead to a dead end?

But here is something that can save you from all this wasted time and effort…

It might not all be a dead end.

It’s all been a part of your journey, one from which you grow, become stronger, and realize that ultimately that person was not your true twin flame after all but the experiences taught you important lessons and you’ve grown wiser.

But how can we discover someone is our true twin flame or not - without having to wait a long time?

We can discover who our true twin flame is by leading with our higher self.

This means that as you move through your journey you continue to seek spiritual ascension within your own energy, within your own light.

You move to grow and take things at face value through your journey, and you detect when your ego is yearning for things to happen now, wants things without real work or effort, and does not think about the long term spiritual journey.

Your higher self knows that you are already connected with your twin flame and does not freak out from whatever daily interactions might happen, it knows that ultimately all the experiences you face in your spiritual learning moments will make you grow.

Leading with your higher self means that you spiritual energy growth is what truly matters. You view the world with devotion to yourself and kindness to strangers… twin flame or not.

You give out good energy without trying to get good energy from others first.

You believe in planting the right seeds that will ultimately grow to be fruitful.

You forgive and allow others to carry on in their journey that will be filled with lessons that they need to learn.

This all pretty much means not taking any spiritual short cuts.

The twin flame journey does not come to a conclusion in one day, one week or one month.

It’s the long distance of the twin flame journey that will reflect light back towards you.

Look for self growth, inner peace, and ascension. When you feel it… share it with others - twin flame or not. This process will reflect back upon you and reward you through spiritual light. It might not happen today but it will happen.

It all begins with the journey within because all along… your true twin flame has been there within you.