Regarding explaining twin flame to skeptics, you should know that skeptical people are often skeptic because their spiritual and psychic abilities have long been shut off through the calcification of their pineal gland, plus living in environments where a cross-combination of their solar plexus, sacral, and throat chakras, have been repressed.

Most people cannot speak the truth because unfortunately we live in a world where the truth is neither polite nor convenient, and people struggle with repercussions.

So with that all said, it is very common to meet the average person who does not believe in divination, auric energy, as well as magic, to be questioning everything that you speak about twin flames. And although, you cannot convert skeptics, you can explain a gut feeling to them, which will make life simpler because at a core level, everyone understands a gut feeling.

A twin flame can be best described as yourself and your energetic soul imprint in another person, often of the opposite sex, however, it can be of the same sex, with whom you share a very special, deep, and spiritually pure connection.

It is overwhelming to describe the feelings that come along with it, because you often have to experience them for yourself to see how it feels like. However, you can explain it to people in a sense where you don't overwhelm them, because often when people are skeptical they are looking for confirmational bias, and when they are looking for just that it is hard to convince them otherwise.

If you speak to someone about your twin flame, and they don't understand where you are coming from, please do not feel bad about this. This is a very normal thing to experience and unfortunately, this is part of the dark night of the soul that you will experience as a twin flame when confronting most skeptics.

Do not let the skepticism of people put you off, because a lot of people will dismiss it, as you being “obsessive,” but the feelings you have for your twin flame are pure, and you will never want to hurt them. You will know this because the person that you often go your separate ways from, you will have your feelings reduce from them, as time goes on, however with your twin, the feelings will only become stronger, and will only increase.

You will find great synchronicity with all different types of twin flames, and I strongly advise you to join a network with other twin flames there, who are able to understand and support you. The journey, traditionally, is very lonely out there, so explaining it to people who do not believe you, may not be the best thing to go about it.

Use your intuition to work out if you should be telling someone about your twin flame or not.

It isn't always the best solution to go around telling people about a twin flame connection, and often times you just need to let someone who is a skeptic, remain that way as they will not be changing no matter what “evidence” they are shown.

What matters most when explaining the concept of twin flames to skeptics is that you are not looking for validation from anyone. In your own life’s journey you will find that it is very unique and different from everyone else’s. We all have different journeys.

What is important is that you learn to recognize and be able to read the signs within your journeys and find ways to develop your own process that best fits your energy and that of the universe, including the energy of your twin flame.

 Allow you own unique personal experiences to be the compass of where you are, and where you are going within your own twin flame journey. Learn, grow, and inspire others… specially your twin flame.