You know you are closer to your own twin flame reunion when you begin feeling your vibrant synchronicity with them developing to a point that it feels so real. That stream of pure love energy will also exists within them, even though they might not know why they are feeling that way.

Remember, that twins are very energetically linked - in fact everything you think about your twin will reach them, whether you want them to like it or not, or hear it or not.

Which shows the reason that if you are angry with your twin, you are essentially angry with yourself.

It is okay that you can be irritated, angry or downright pissed off with your twin. My twin once said to me “We are weird. We alternate between love and awkwardness!” to which I replied “Pretty much. Some days I want to kiss you, some days I want to kill you!” and we both laughed it off.

Being in a vibrant advance stage with your twin flame means that you are both able to laugh at yourselves, and despite the fact that your twin flame may still have ego issues going on (they will subside the more you work on yourself, as this will reflect upon them), you will find that he or she will open up to you with the progression of vibrant energy and synchronicity.

Yet sometimes this will take a lot of patience when you are going through trials and tribulations, and you might even feel that such love won’t be possible in this life time.

Sometimes you just want so bad to make things work. My twin flame is actually someone I fought to keep friends with.

I just couldn't imagine NOT being friends with my twin flame, I felt so heartbroken without the knowledge that I couldn't just pick up the phone and talk to my twin how I normally would —without the awkwardness.

My twin who has loved me all of their life, in every past life, and will love me in every life ahead, that part of my soul can never shut me out, but there are up times and down times. I realize this, and yet I know there is only so much you can consciously do. That is why there needs to be a bigger understanding of just allow your inner spiritual energy to pervade, and allow it to take it course within the universe.

But yet there is something I can do

Once you begin healing yourself, and moving beyond blocks that you might developed, your twin will be more aligned within you, and let go of any emotional blocks or ego that gets in the way.

This is always be a work in progress until the final twin flame reunion.

The enlightenment about your twin flame is the fact that they are ALWAYS, ALWAYS there for you. Close your eyes and imagine someone loving you unconditionally, and no matter how many times you argue and be horrible and do mean things - (my twin flame and I have said some pretty mean things to the other because we have both been triggered), we have gone away and come back to say “sorry” to each other, and ask for forgiveness. We have realized what we said was not really what was deep within our hearts.

I know that often times we are more eager to find, or discover, the right steps to get further ahead in our twin flame journey. And many questions dance in our minds…

Is that person really my twin flame?

Does my twin flame really love me?

Will I ever really be connected with my twin flame?

And one that really anchors in your heart as you secretly ask

How can I make my twin flame love me?

The journey starts with a single step in the right direction. One step at a time, even though the first few steps might be the toughest ones to ever take. And even when you have someone you love making you less – you have to look beyond the current moment. Allow other to go through their own drama in their own journey.

And you might ask, isnt their drama my drama?

Not necessarily. You are a reflection of your twin flame, but you don’t have to be the negative reflection. Be the light of your twin flame. Be the good side the streams a light of eternal love and peace. This might not be reflecting up your twin when they are struggling with their own emotions, yet you will be like the soothing light at the end of the tunnel… they will be drawn to it and realize that they can also embody that beautiful energy. So lead by example to that part of your twin flame.

Instead of mirroring outwardly… look inwardly into yourself and find the truth within. Within you, you have a world of energy that is powerful once is unleashed.

Begin here: You have to believe in your inner twin flame energy.

Believe that the energy within your soul and spirit will heal any wounds.

Once you are at a level that you feel you are healed enough to share a kind and vibrant energy within your universe – that is when the dynamics of your twin flame evolution really begin soaring. At that point you will realize that your twin flame is within you, and the more you love and heal the twin within… the more you will attract your twin flame in the outer world of your spiritual body.