How to get into Inner Union to Find Your True Twin flame Union by Nadia Arain

With far too many false twin flames, the goal is always just to be with your one true twin flame.

This is understandable and I was exactly the same before I got into alignment with him, hence getting into inner union is one of the KEY factors and something that many people do NOT talk about on the twin flame journey because their focus is far too much on their counterpart, and not on themselves.

In the twin flame dynamic, you are not focusing on your man or woman.

You are focused on creating the man/woman whom YOU wish to be with. For instance, my twin loves designer clothing and living a certain type of life because he chose that for himself.

I did all my emotional work around that area to see if there were any triggers that came up about me wanting to upgrade in that area. It turns out I required to heal old trauma that originated from abuse that was making me hide. When my twin kept mirroring through his day to day life, the things I had NOT healed – it made it easier for me to keep healing them up and allowing the charge to drop.

This is what is meant by inner union, to be able to fully focus on yourself and deeply nourishing and loving yourself, so that you are manifesting the person YOU wish to be with.

One of the biggest things that your inner union will require of you, is to heal your trauma and your tendency to self-sabotage. It will help you purge the deepest levels of trauma, so that you are able to eliminate all the gunk in the process, freeing you to be able to become the best version of yourself.

You cannot get into alignment with your twin flame, if your DNA cellular memory is still holding on to incidents that have created trauma in the body.

The body is intelligent and always remembers what has happened, hence even the smallest of thing can get you out of alignment with your counterpart. There are timelines that you will be required to close completely, so that you do not manifest those type of situations in your life again; keeping you away from your twin in the real world.

When you clear your trauma, you are able to clear old programming of self-hatred and self-sabotage that allows you to practice forgiveness towards yourself.

As you feel lighter and move higher in vibration, you’re able to simply allow for unconditional love to flow through because the blocks and the ego stories which all of us have as human beings begin to clear and heal up. As you receive more clarity about yourself, you will receive increased clarity about your twin. This is because you are both the same soul in 2 bodies.

You simply cannot receive anything that you have not manifested yourself to receive from your twin flame.

Taking responsibility to heal is not up to your twin flame, it is up to you. 

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