I have been asked this question a few times… how do I get over my twin flame?

The person asking seems to have come to the conclusion that there is no way that a healthy relationship can be possible at the current time.

First of all I’d like to say that perhaps the person you thought was your “twin flame” is simply not the person who is your real twin flame. Yet, that is not what this article is about. This article is about getting over someone, twin flame or not, and moving forward in order to be productive and love life again… because love can be quite messy, and if we get lost in a maze – we need to be able to find our way out.

It is essential in knowing in what direction you want to go in regards to your goals and dreams in life, and how that syncs with your inner energy – in order to achieve your higher purpose.

It all begins with your higher purpose… what is your higher purpose?

Your twin flame is a reflection of you achieving your higher purpose… and your twin flame is not the higher purpose itself.

This means that once you use your inner energy to achieve your higher purpose in life, and which is in sync with your values and spiritual self… that is when the reflection of your twin flame will be truly reflective upon you… because your true twin flame is yourself.

Begin by attracting good energies around you…

this will become possible when you are that which you would like to attract. Therefore if you have good energies within you, and you put yourself out there in the world, then you will attract similar energies. This sounds simple enough, but actually “doing it” is what many of us can’t seem to move towards at times. This is a constant action that we must participate in through out our life.

One of the main things you have to do is to be able to read your energy well, know where it is, and where it is currently going.

Don’t run away from your inner energy and feelings. When you take time to confront how you currently feel, you are taking time to move forward, and not dwell on the past.

We have to realize that our life is based on our inner energy… and that energy is something that is always on the move – it is transcendent.

This means that we have to acknowledge that our inner energy does not just stay in one place, but rather is always on the move. Once we become aware of this, then we can find ways to make our energy go where we would like it to go. Soon enough - our daily life, and exterior reality, will then become a reflection of our inner energy.

It all begins with us seeking answers to our questions, finding and rejoicing in harmony, and continuing to channel the right energy balance within us.

Once we get to the point of being able to activate this, this is when we begin to transcend and allow our energy to flow forward.

Instead of fighting against the energies that your twin flame creates within you, be able to create your own inner productive energy to direct your life with a personal flow that propels you forward.

The key here is knowing how to make these energies flow, rather than having them bottled up inside, and allowing them to become negative, dark, and moving in the wrong direction.

When your energy flows forward, it coils in a way that releases, and purges, out any ill will, and cleanses itself, and is able to produce more good energy.

It is true that ultimately our twin flame union must be fulfilled, but the most important thing is to first and foremost be able to attain self growth to a point in which we are no longer hurt or taken aback by what life throws at us.

Once we get to that point of dealing with different energies (both positive and negative ones), and once we are able to flow our energy forward in a productive manner that makes us grow, then we are opening new possibilities that did not exist before. And…

This is when your inner energy syncs in harmony within your own self. There is no need for someone else to “complete” you or “make you happy.” A true twin flame does not mean you are both halves of a soul… to the contrary, you are a complete soul merging with another fully complete soul.

The concept of twin flames is counter intuitive because quite often we are led to believe that in order to be fulfilled, and be “one,” we must connect and be happy with our twin flame. This is not true. The true concept of twin flames is to allow yourself to grow so much that you reflect that change so strongly within the universe, and even within someone else. And your reflection becomes so good that it does not matter if you, and this other person, become one in this lifetime or another…

The emergence into one spiritual union made up of twin souls.

In order for this to occur - your energy needs to become so vibrant that it goes beyond a level of seeking acceptance, and instead it seeks to heal others naturally, and to grow to a level in which things naturally move forward in your vibrant universe of creation.

Your inner energy recoils itself in such a way that you are able to fulfill yourself naturally with good feelings, and you are no longer dependent on anyone else’s whims or emotions.

Once you get to this point, you naturally know that you are fulfilling your requirements within the universe, which are to grow, heal, and give to energies that expand life and the universe.

Find ways to always rekindle your vibrant positive energies in a way that they will multiply over and over. Once you are able to do this without much effort, this is when abundance within you will begin to flow.

Sometimes letting go simply means that you are committed to evolving in your journey.

Your twin flame is not what your journey is about, but rather your twin flame is a reflection of your journey. Once you are able to move forward with this truth, then you will have taken the next step in your spiritual growth.

Commit yourself in expanding who you are spiritually, mentally, and emotionally, and seek to use this to find convergence into your life goals.

Nothing is more refreshing and worth while than achieving your personal and spiritual goals. Once you get to this point, you will see that the universe will fully continue to reward you for having taken the right actions…

And the reflection that you see within your own spirit, and the vibrancy you will feel within yourself, will be one of the most amazing things to experience.


Of course there is a lot more on getting over your twin flame. Much more than to write in one post. I'll keep you update through out my future blog posts.