Ascension isn't something that comes naturally, especially if you are still living in a matrix life.

Ascension is often the result of a trauma based life that pushes you to seek spiritual clarity, that in turn gives you the push to be able to find your twin flame.

What is really interesting is that a lot of people don't realize that ascension feels like getting the flu. You will feel very run down and tired, and that will be the start of your kundalini rising.

So how can you make ascension happen?

It comes with time. You don't get to rush it, especially in the Western world, where everything is on fast forward. It is about taking the time out to study spirituality in it's essence, and what it gets to offer you.

Ascension comes over a period of time, and one of the major signs that you have ascended is that the 3D lifestyle doesn't make any interest to you, and nor does it hold any value. 3D behaviors are all out of fear, lack, and scarcity. They manifest in ways such as gossiping, slander, fear, worry, confusion, and other low vibrational frequencies, and behaviors.

When you are on a path of purpose, you don't have the time for small mindedness, or drama, you simply get on with your life.

5D very much is a place of acceptance, unconditional love, and oneness, in feeling yourself and people around you, while being pragmatic of keeping away from those who are not wishing or do not wish to ascend.

It is about seeing the real life Matrix for what it is, and what your part is to play in it. It is about understanding how to break out of your mental prisons and patterns, especially your subconscious behaviour and to heal it, in order to enjoy a better quality of life.  

Ascension is something that should be cherished, especially when it comes to knowing that you are going to grow a lot more into your future.

Things like meditation and understanding healing modalities and spirituality systems will make for your ascension to go through smoother.

You will have a shedding of the matrix ego, one of the most painful things a human being can experience, because what it's doing is teaching you to let go of all the lies the world is fabricated on, and see your original soul truth, something that is very hard to comprehend for a lot of people. However, given the fact that you are reading this, as you keep practicing, it then becomes easier to reach a state of balance where if something isn't directly benefitting you in an ethical way, you learn to let go of it.

And I would also say that we can learn from many different spiritual teachers, even self-help gurus, but nothing truly changes until you are ready to commit and you take a leap in creating that change. Whether it is on getting over someone who hurt you, even if this person is your twin flame, or whether you are moving on to another chapter of your life – you are the only one that can truly create change within yourself.

The hardest part will be taking the first steps. And yes, you might fail and fall down time and time again, but it is when you keep getting up and moving forward that ascension truly takes place within you.

Another important point is that the more you are able to understand your energy, and the way it fluctuates, the more you will be ready to deal with daily life and problem solving.

Everything around us is made up of energy, and if you are able to approach issues from that level, then you will be able to conceptualize tasks, issues, emotions… and move forward in a much more deserved path.

Please be patient with ascension, it doesn't happen overnight and it isn't a walk in the park. You will very much be tried and tested and you will uncover things about yourself that are very challenging, know and understand that this is all very much part of the process.

This whole blog is dedicated to ascension, twin flames, and spiritual energy. Through out this blog you will find that I talk a lot about activating your light, working with relationships, and working with your inner energy. Some of these ideas are powerful, and not just ones that I write about but that I continue to strive with, use, and grow.

I encourage you to find just what works for you best, whether you are reaching ascension within 5D or any other challenge in your journey… and continue to improve your skills.

The growth and change you will see within yourself is the one that you will see within your twin flame.