thing about loving your twin unconditionally, even when they aren't in 5D is patience.

Once you have evolved and matured to a certain level, you are able to unconditionally love without expecting something back. Which would be conditional.

The best thing about separation from your twin flame is the fact you will be magnetically drawn to them to face deeper layers of your soul growth, once you have finished what is on the surface.

Every twin that has been separated from the runner twin, goes through an agonizing sense of loss.

The reason for this is because the soul goes into shock (commonly known as soul shock in twin flame relationships) and you feel like you have lost a part of you. The best thing about having a twin flame is knowing that no matter WHAT happens, your twin will always love you and will be compelled to do so.

Even though they are cold like ice on the surface, I guarantee you that they will never be cold towards you in their heart. The best advice to loving your twin flame unconditionally, is focusing on yourself. Something becomes exceptionally radiant about us, especially when we realise that we are here to focus on our own soul growth, indefinitely.

As our journey continues into the future and we learn and realise that, there is so much more to what we understand, our true learning begins. Often the chaser twin REALLY inspires the runner, as that has definitely been the case with my own relationship with my twin flame.

Ego stings us thinking the other person doesn't care however when we transcend that as we ourselves develop into 5D, we become more grounded and calmer within ourselves.

Once this has been procured and we are ready to face the world with our light worker mission, our twin often does return to pick up where he or she left off. They often have a huge crisis in their life and understand that their twin is the only thing that is going to help them grow spiritually and emotionally!

Another point that I would like to add, paraphrasing the words of the late Dr. Wayne Dyer, (a wonderful inspirational teacher), is that you have a choice when it comes to responding to others when they act a certain way towards you. For instance, you have a choice to be “right” or be “kind.” If you had to pick between these two…. Which one would you pick? Go for the choice of being kind rather than proving your point of being right to others. Speak to others, and your twin flame, from a place of kindness, from you higher self, and not your ego.

Unconditional love often times means exercising our kindness rather than proving our point of being right.