I often wonder what would have happened if I never would have stumbled upon premonitions that were fueled by being in a clairvoyant state, and primarily through dreams. All this energy of premonitions, clairvoyant energy, and dreams, opened a pandora’s box that has taken me through a spiritual journey, and ultimately through a twin flame journey.

I won’t go into a long story of how I got here, but discovering the world of twin flames has helped me conceptualize so many things that have to do with spiritual energy, dreams, and the future. And that is the reason why I do believe that intuition is key for someone experiencing awareness within their twin flame journey.

A lot of being a twin flame has to do with the past, whether it is ones past in this lifetime, during another lifetime… and how that reflects upon the present time, because that reflection also shows the future. It’s much like a reflection of the past is mirroring the future.

In the world of twin flames we often talk about our twin, whether our twin has turned into a runner, etc., but on a deeper level I do believe that clairvoyant energy and divination will help connect you and guide you along the way of where you need to go. Often times we hear about our zodiac signs, on how the stars are aligning, and how this might forecast our journey… but the only thing that I’m suspicious when I hear such words is that quite often these are just blanket statements that can apply to anyone.

What can we do to more accurately predict our future, specially regarding our twin flame journey?

An important point is that we must discover the right process by which we want to develop our twin flame energy; whether it is via dream energy and premonitions, via zodiac readings with specific views, through tarot card readings, or our own unique way of discovering clairvoyant energy.

One thing that really helps a lot is having someone that you can confide in. Perhaps a psychic friend or someone that you can relate to. Sharing ideas and visions with this person can be a good way to get feedback, and possibly even answers.

I would recommend keeping a journal where you can jot down the dreams you had, any thoughts you feel might be premonitions, or a certain energy that you feel might be relating to things to come.

There are so many ways that you can pursue to channel your inner clairvoyant energy, it all depends on what interests you.

Whether it is dream energy, tarot, or anything else, look into something that you enjoy doing and that you can connect with. Have fun with it. Having visions is not about putting more pressure on yourself, but rather, about something that can perhaps become true in the future. Don’t force things, explore, and perhaps you will be pleasantly surprise when you do find that your twin flame intuition was right in predicting a certain outcome.

In this article I touched on a couple of points dealing with twin flame clairvoyant energies.

For me, personally, connecting with such energy is something that often times comes and goes, and it’s stronger at certain times more than others. And I also realize that it is something that doesn’t “just happen.”

Telepathic vibrations that take you from 3D to 5D ascension are already there, they already exist. We must unravel them and bring them forth with the right energy. 

In order for me to connect with that energy, whether it is with the energy of connecting with my true twin flame, or energy that pertains to dream premonitions and clairvoyant energy - it is something that I have to work towards. Nothing will just fall in my lap, and I have to constantly be making progress towards those goals.

This is an important point because at times we try something and it doesn’t work, but keep at it, and find ways to make it better… someday you’ll see light at the end of the tunnel.

I touched on a couple of different points on this article and will soon be writing more blog entries to go deeper into those certain areas. This article was more of a reflection on what is currently going on in my journey.