We’ve all come across people that make big promises but fall short on their words. And soon after they break a promise, they do it again, they once again try to convince you that this time it will be different, that this time they will come through for you in what you both have planed. You believe them because if anything else, you want to remain optimistic, and of course you like giving others a second chance.

After they say that this time it will be different…  this only leads to them showing their true colors once again in letting you down. They don’t come through for you, even at the lowest level. Sometimes they don’t even attempt to do so. It’s like their ego becomes so much more important to even deal with you in an upfront manner.

And the funny thing is, all along your plan was to do things that would actually help them, things that would make their life better, and you didn’t mind because you wanted to elevate this person. Specially if you viewed this person as your twin flame. You come to realize that this person was never really there from the get go, and only acted as if they were.

Now you come to ask yourself… is this person really my twin flame?

With a false twin flame there comes a point when you realize that enough is enough and it’s time to move on, and search for your true twin flame. This transition might be painful but necessary. They are people that we will never forget, and we will always find an excuses to be fond of them, and even create room in our hearts for them. This will happen as you live life, and this will happen with a false twin flame.  And that’s okay. Just because you have fond feelings for this person does not mean that you can’t move beyond that.

No one can really tell you if this person is your twin flame or not. You are the only one that can come to that conclusion through your own conscious awakening. We often talk about 11:11 and our conscious awakening. And Yes, it can happen in a second, but as humans who live life with the concept of “time” we quite often need to turn this conscious awakening into a process through out our life. In other words, it might take time to know if this person is really your one true twin flame, or a false twin flame.

And even if this person is your real twin flame, and a relationship can’t be achieve in this lifetime with them, that’s okay. You can wish them the very best, and allow room in your heart for them, while at the same time allowing more room in your heart for love and romance with someone else that truly appreciates you just the way you are.

We can’t force ourselves to feel good if we don’t want to. We can’t just listen to someone and think that our negative feelings are completely gone. It’s okay if that exists. What you can simply do is diminish those negative feelings a little bit, in order to allow more optimistic, creative, and productive energy within yourself to bloom. It’s okay to hurt, but allow room to heal. It’s okay not to love someone, but allow room for new love to transpire. And it’s okay not to think about the universe at all times, but allow your heart to sync with universal vibrations.

And if you feel that time is running out, I have news for you:  It’s never too late.

You twin flame journey is not dependent on anyone else. It’s dependent on your own heart, spirit, and energy. When you are able to lift yourself up, inspire your self, recoil your inner energy in order to move forward in your journey…  that’s what being a twin flame is truly about.

Being a twin flame is about you sending positive vibes to the universe, and showing the universe how appreciative you are of that bond and magic that it has given you. You are showing your love and appreciation by reflecting within the universe’s own light. When you reflect universal light outward from within your heart and spirit - it heals, it illuminates, and transcends love across all of the universe.

I know you have heard from friends and family - all of the advice of “you can do better” or “you can find someone better.”  And it’s not about doing better, it’s about not doing worse… not doing worse with your inner energy. Those moments of darkness you experienced were perhaps some of the worst ones, so you don’t want to go there again. Aspire to find ways to motivate your inner energy to heal if you are going through that stage, and move beyond to build something that connects you with the universe, brings light to your own spirit, brings light to others, and inspires beauty, grace, and harmony. This is the significance of living in 5D.

5D is about living in light after the storm, and enjoying the beautiful light like never before. I like to imagine being in a beautiful island of peace, tranquility, and of natural beauty. When you live in such habitat, it inspires you, it motivates you, and you elevate yourself. And as you vibrate those energies, you will attract similar energies, and ultimately your true Twin Flame will cross your path in human form, and within that person you will see the mere reflection of your inner spirit, and that of the universe itself.

I will be expanding on this on future articles, yet I hope that this at least takes in the right direction when you ask yourself the question... "Is this person really my twin flame?"