As painful as it might be, sometimes we just have to come to the realization of how we are treated in a relationship… or potential relationship. When we seek answers, and we open the door of the heart… we might just discover how that other person REALLY feels about us… and this can be a roller coaster of emotions. Emotions that can be dark, and have a strong lasting effect through out our life. Specially when this deals with our twin flame.

Such emotions can be: Anger, hurt, resentment, frustration, regret.

And do you ever wonder why do we ever bottle up those feelings inside in the first place?

There could be many reasons for this answer, and a common one is that we wanted to show our good side, our best side, in hopes that the other person would see the best in us, and appreciate that.

This feeling of hurt and powerlessness is one that needs to be addressed, because bottling up feelings inside will only take us deeper into darkness.

Ask yourself, what has occurred for you to feel so powerless at times?

And one of the worst things is becoming a stepping stone for someone we feel affection towards. Whether it is a friend, someone we admire, or our twin flame. A stepping stone because we gave so much, and not only did they not care about that, but often times they took the best of our energy, emotions, ideas, plans… and they shared those with someone else.

Your ideas, thoughts, and dreams, perhaps were taken and were utilized in another relationship. Perhaps you had a dream of visiting a particular place, or taking on a new hobby together, settling down in a particular town, something that you so enthusiastically talked about with them. Only to see them take those ideas and dreams, and share them with someone else. Okay, I am speaking more from personal experience here, but I hope you are able to relate to what I am saying.

There will be people in life that will look down on you as if you were nothing, and when you become aware of this, your heart will be crushed (that’s if it has not happened already). People don’t really talk about how painful life can be, how lonely it can be, and how things can just spiral out of control because of something stupid someone said or did (whether they meant it or not).

It’s true that we are thrown waves of dark energy often through life. But just like in the universe of twin flames, becoming aware of what is happening, and how this energy is being thrown at us, is the first step in the process of knowing how to deal with it best. And not just how to heal, but also how to make progress, and win.

Unfortunately the right answers will not always come from a celestial sign, a zodiac sign, or any sort of “secret.”

The  only secret, if  you wanna call it such, is that the answers are right within your hands. We can’t always see the answer in the physical world, but it’s right within your hands, and it’s within you, because the answer to resolving these issues in a way that makes you stronger and not weaker, is by connecting to your own personal inner energy.

And if you are ever to build a beautiful twin flame union with that person…  those answers are also within your hands.

Your inner energy is key to interpreting and processing anything that gets thrown at you.

Not allowing any dark forces of energy, or anyone, to push you down, or have some sort of control over you. You need to be in control of your own energy. See the beauty within that energy, see the beauty within yourself, so that you may pick up the pieces, so that you may learn and grow, and find solace, and even joy with someone you admire… and someone that admires you back. Someone you bond with on a heart level, on an energy level, a spiritual level.

Don’t allow yourself to just “wing it” through life when it comes to such an important area of energy work.

Open yourself to higher spiritual learning so that you may not put yourself in a dark energy situation that would be so difficult to get out of. A situation filled with darkness and without hope. I’ve been there. It’s painful. Perhaps you have been there too. It’s time for a change. A practical change of turning any dark energy within yourself into light. Productive light of energy that helps guide you across your journey. Whether it is now that you need to do this, or whether you just need to prepare for when you are thrown into such a spiral. Learning about this couldn’t happen at a better time than now.

Light, healing, and joy… it’s within us. It’s within our twin flames. The key is in knowing ways to connect those energies so they may ascend. From a world of karmic relationships, relationships filled with turmoil… turn that energy from dark energy into energy of light.

There are 3 things that have really made a big difference in my life in shifting my dark energy into energy of light.

1. Mantras.  I have a big list of mantras that I go through on an almost daily basis. These were created from notes that I’ve taken from the many healers and spirit guides that have helped me through out the years. I keep these mantras on my phone, and whenever I am stuck waiting somewhere, or I have time to spare, I usually go through these mantras. Doing this does help me in re-align my inner energy. Having spent years studying energy work, it’s always good to pull out my phone and go to the core of what I have learned before.

2. Finding the right teacher. It’s so important to find others that you can learn from. Sometimes having a different perspective, or seeing things through someone else’s eyes really does help make an inner shift into light with energy. Having a coach, even if this means learning from this person via a blog, a book, or program, can really do wonders on how we grow and progress with our energy work.

3. Last but not least, is in developing an unwavering belief that things will get better in life, and that your growth and inner energy will definitely help you get there. For me, this is something that requires work. I don’t leave this up to chance. I make the commitment to learn and grow, and develop my inner energy.

If you already have a process for achieving this, I’d love to hear more about it. If you are looking for a solid recommendation, I would highly recommend a program that has helped me a lot. It’s called “Duality Energy Training” by Jeffrey Allen.

Although this program does not focus on Twin Flames per se, it does parallel many ideas and techniques, and it’s designed for people who are passionate about improving their lives, knowing how to clear energy blocks, and growing their inner energy.

For instance, it has helped me discover that when dealing with particular issues I can go from 1 to 7 without having to go through 2,3,4,5,6. Discovering these shortcuts with energy work has helped me tap into the source of what truly matters, while saving time, and has been an invaluable eye opener.

Don’t wait until is too late to develop the most powerful arsenal that will help you in your journey…  energy work.