A lucid dream is a dream in which you are aware that you are dreaming. You move about that dream with your thoughts knowing that you are sleeping and you are exploring a new world, and unknown world...

but what exactly is this world?

That question runs through your mind as you are lucid dreaming, and then you see THAT person...

You see your twin flame in a lucid dream.

More questions begin to grow. What does it mean to see your twin flame in a lucid dream?

This world that you are exploring is so different that you know it's not earth, it seems to be a far away place that can be reach via your lucid dreams.

Can it be that this is a dual world in which there is another version of your twin flame?

The concept of duality is one that I've heard before although it seems all but a mystery as to how this would even be remotely possible. It's well beyond our understanding but yet it's something that there are many theories about. At the moment there seems to be more questions than answers about a far away world that is twin to ours, to the way we live, yet different in some aspects.

Having lucid dreams about your soul mate, your twin flame, can perhaps just be a reflection of the world you live in, an abstract reflection. Yet, sometimes in lucid dreams you get so much vivid description to things that you were not even aware about in your own daily life. You learn things that you never knew about, for instance, through a lucid dream you can learn about a new holiday that exists on earth, but one that you never knew existed. Yet, in this dream you get specific details as to what that holiday is about, it's rich history, it's inner culture... so much that there is no way that this is simply a recollection from your living wake life.

Have you ever learned something new in a dream that you had no idea or reference from seeing the details in your daily life?

Maybe it's because you had a remote viewing of a dual world. A world in which it is possible to see your twin flame via a lucid dream. That person stands before you, smiles, makes you feel like you are so much alive... yet you know inside that this is only a lucid dream about your twin flame. This connection is so strong that you feel that this is more than just a mere dream from your subconscious with reflections of your daily life. It's a remote viewing of a far away world that perhaps exists in duality.

What if that world truly did exist?

Would you allow it to make you grow more as a person, or would you be plagued by the notion it?

How would you react when you awaken from this lucid dream?

And, how would you act while you are having this lucid dream?