In this introductory article I will tell you a bit about using magic spells to attract your twin flame.

Many people in the world, want to attract their twin flame using a spell, however they don't really know where to begin from.

Traditionally, most people end up in a 3D relationship, that is filled with pain, drama and power plays. Attracting your twin flame takes patience and perseverance, especially when you find things aren't moving very quickly for you. Magic spells indeed can attract your twin flame, however if you haven't cut the cords with your previous lovers, you will find this as quite a challenge.

Why is it so important to be able to cut the cords, especially if you are looking to attract your twin flame?

The answer is simple:

When you cast a spell you are manipulating energies of the Universe to conspire in your favor, and depending on the strength of the spell is how fast it will work.

Some spells are very “bland” per se and don't deliver the actual punch that you may want from them, and some are very powerful and pack a punch, so to speak. It all comes down to the type of spell that you choose to cast and what it involves.

If you are looking to cast it with darker magic, you should also be aware of the fact that your karmic repercussions will be much stronger and more severe. This depends on the level of spiritual consciousness that you possess at any given time.

Twin flame love is unparalleled and incredibly strong, because once you meet your twin flame your heart chakra opens.

When this opens, the portal is receiving love on both ends, and telepathy becomes very easy to transfer. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that you can literally finish your twin's sentence!

One of the best spells to attract a deep and lasting soul love is the spell of Incantamentum Amor. Just like it's counterpart Incantamentum Fortunas that deals with business and wealth success, the Amor spell attracts someone that you have an almost magical deep connection with.

I remember casting the Amor spell after a very long and rough breakup, and within 2 months I met a man I didn't think anything of, to begin with. As we got to know each other better and by better, I mean the second date, we both realised that how we felt for the other was extraordinary. It was very passionate, deep, intense and magnetic.

The spell however doesn't guarantee that you will stay with the person. It merely does it's job of attracting the person to you.

You may be two very different people on the surface as my now ex and myself are, however there will always be a pull and a draw that you both will never be able to escape. If you find over time that it is right, you will be pulled back together and if not, you find better suited partners.

Incantamentum Amor, never fails to deliver when you desire it most!

I will soon write more articles on using magic spells to attract your twin flame. Stay tuned.