You might find yourself stopping for gas through a long deserted highway one day, or perhaps in a busy restaurant in a big city when…

you run into a reflection of your twin flame runner.

Not only in looks but when you exchange glances with this person you feel a tinge of energy… the same energy you once felt with your twin flame, perhaps that same energy you felt when you first met your twin flame… whether it was in life, or even when you came across your twin flame in a dream.

What is it about this new person that makes you feel as if they were your twin flame?

And does that person feel a tinge of energy within also? Perhaps within a subconscious level?

It is true that you only have one twin flame but there is something about how energy moves through you – something that most people only feel on a subconscious level, but perhaps you become aware of this energy because of what you’ve experienced and discovered about the world of twin flames.

Back to this new person you just crossed paths with…

Perhaps it was just a simple greeting you shared with this new stranger, perhaps it was a smile, and perhaps is someone you have gotten a chance to interact with on more of a daily basis.

Your emotions and inner twin flame energy is vibrant, just like when you first met your twin flame.

It is easy to dismiss such feelings, thoughts, perhaps writing them off as a “mere coincidence” that this new stranger has such striking similarities as your twin flame. Yet, when you interact with this new person… there is a sense of familiarity that exists. It’s almost like dejavu.

Perhaps your true twin flame is someone you are still in contact with… or perhaps your twin is someone that has become a twin flame runner and moved on.

To expand upon this, I believe that growth within oneself occurs when we are able to self reflect, not reflect in a way that we read a list of what is good for us, but in a different sort of reflection.

An instance such as of what I’ve written above is a reflection that catches us off guard… a reflection that in an instant, our own half of our twin soul is able to feel the other half of our soul… even though it might not be there – it knows that exists somewhere within the universe.

Even though that stranger before us might not be our twin… it’s a reflection that we see, and in that mere instant we see and feel our twin flame union as one.

We suddenly soul shocked into what it feels like to have our energy in orbit with the missing part of your heart. It’s like a vibrant echo that we feel within.

So many questions race through you mind… particularly about your twin flame runner.

Running into a reflection of your twin flame runner is like running into a reflection of yourself… the longing of familiarity can inspire us, or it can tear into us.

Again, I do believe that it is in those moments that we unexpectedly catch our twin flame reflection, those are the moments in which we grow.

I can study books about change and growth day and night but it only takes an instant to create true change, both personally and spiritually.

Your spirit is looking to grow and connect with the universe, a universe that will deliver a twin flame union. In an instant there can be so many shifts within your universe, within your twin flame union, and within yourself…

And all it takes for us to catch a glimpse and reflection of our true twin flame self.

In an eternal universe… our twin flame echoes and streams.

Whenever you are able to catch a reflection of that, whether you just merely see it, or feel it within… allow that moment to exist. Allow that moment to be one of growth.

Sometimes the universe is like a big mirror when you least expect it… it will show you your twin flame union for a mere moment.

Feel blessed.