This is a question that every single awakened twin has asked over the course of their lifetime… should I give up on my twin flame runner?

Perhaps the twin flame runner becomes so annoying, you just want to physically smack the nonsense out of them.

You always think of how much pain it must be to keep denying and physically pushing the other half of your soul away. The best advice I can give to any twin who is feeling this way, is a sense of logical detachment in order to keep themselves, sane. The reason I say that, is because you are never offered the luxury to detach from your twin flame because they are you in another body.

Logical detachment means that after you're exhausted from chasing them (every awakened twin has done this), you are free to speak with them, but it also ensures that you aren't being led on.

Twin flame runners often live in denial for YEARS before some major life event comes and smacks them literally awake that they are often shocked they have lived a lie for so many years.

You can never give up on your twin flame runner as they are a part of you, and you will always love them, however it is wise to know that your twin flame won't always be the right match for you in this life.

Some people, after meeting their twin flame, might feel that developing romantic feelings for anybody else might feel like cheating, but you must understand that it is NOT cheating to find a companionship that feels mutually attracted to you.

Sometimes you just want a normal, deeply loving relationship with a soulmate, and since we have an array of soul mates from the same soul family, what is important is that you CAN be happy with your soulmate, without killing yourself in agony over your twin flame.

Remember, a lot of subconscious sadness that you are picking up on a day to day basis, is actually from your twin's denial about wanting to be with you. There are some exceptionally strong feelings all the time but he or she is doing their best to suppress those feelings - which can get quite annoying.

Some twins are able to do their work on both sides, and are both spiritually awakened, to be able to come together. Often, you will find that one twin has done so much for themselves and the other is still potty training on the matter!

You cannot force evolution or ascension, your twin flame has to learn for themselves, and in their own time.

You will start to see changes when the sleepy twin finally realizes that they have been asleep at the wheel the whole time and have often missed a real shot at real, true, and divine love that was meant for them.

Send love telepathically and through your heart chakra all the time to your twin, no matter how their 3D behaves with you, because essentially if you send them hate or anger, you will find that it is mirrored back to you and it will cause you more pain.

You don't have to give up on your runner at all. Just know that you may not get to be with them physically, and allow yourself the luxury to be loved at a 5D level with the most pure and divine love you can ever find!