This is a very common question from a lot of awakened twins and the firm answer is always a no. I know this to be true as myself and 3 other twins have tried it and it always backfires. You have to remember the unawakened twin flame is already terrified of all the changes that are happening in their life, they don't need the extra burden or pressure of more confusion.

You can elude to the fact that both of you hold a lot of similarities and things that you have in common, however it is a grave mistake to start explaining it because the unawakened twin flame solely uses logic to deduce what is happening around them.

If you give them anymore than they can handle, they will be utterly confused. Allow them to struggle, and go through their own emotions by themselves, and when their time comes to crack and hit rock bottom, you will find that naturally they will be reaching out to you, as the soul cannot stay away from it's counterpart for too long.

When you start to see signs of awakening, it is then okay to gently introduce the concept of the eternal togetherness, but still refrain from labelling it. You want to imagine your twin flame feeling like a stray cat, a bit lonely and easily scared if you come too close to them. In order to make the cat feel welcome, you leave out a bit of meat and milk, and then slowly they start taking to you. The same analogy can be similar to your twin flame. Do things slowly but gently, and if at any point they feel overwhelmed, leave them well and truly alone to actually miss your presence.

What you will find is the less you have the desire to chase them, the more they end up chasing you because secretly, you chasing them reassures them that you will always be around. It may sound cruel to be kind but you need to show them a life with you, and what it feels like.

Most twins flames want to share their deep feelings for their twin, however it doesn't always end well because they can end up even more distant and aloof towards you. It is really best to keep your discovery to yourself, and just hold the torch for your twin to be able to follow through, if and when they feel ready.

Your twin flame knows that on an energy level what they feel for you is something they don't feel for anyone else in this world. This is exactly what scares them because this energy is so powerful, it can end up enslaving someone as you would do ANYTHING for that person.

The twin flame runner runs to make it stop, and telling them the story of the Emperor's new clothes isn't worth it, as it will make them run even more. However, the good news is that they cannot run forever, and one day they are going to have to face all their issues which is when they will realise you are indeed their other half.

So again, it is wise to know just how much information to share with that person you consider your twin flame. And also, how much information you share with people around you, because you don’t know who might just be smiling and plotting to go against you with what you tell them. Keep things fun and light with friends, and the person you have your eye on, whether it is your twin flame or not. When the time comes to be deep and sincere, you will find yourself there before you know it. Deep within you, you will know when the time is right to speak words of twin flames, the journey, and building your twin flame union.

Remember that in essence your twin flame is a part of you and therefore you can perhaps not lay all the cards on the table with them right away, but this does not mean that on an energy level you can’t connect with them, because when you connect with your inner spirit… that’s when you are connecting with your true twin flame.

Allow you inner energy to grow, vibrate, and reach others by the actions you take. For instance, if you want calm and peace in someone else, then emulate that calm and peace within you. Perhaps the other person is not yet ready to be calm and peaceful, but when they are, they will reference you energy and engender it on some level. Perhaps they won’t even know they are doing this, but if you are a good reference for the types of energy and qualities they admire… their own spiritual energy will seek to synch on some level.

Keep an open heart towards your twin flame, but don’t gush out, or do the reverse, which is take everything in. Be able to have a good balance with your energy, and not allowing the negative energies of others affect you. Lead the way with your energy, command a strong spirit, and above all, be real with your spirit.