Stages of a Twin Flame Journey by Nadia Arain

Meeting your twin flame, can be something that you have anticipated or it can be something that comes out of the blue. I had quite a bit of information about my twin before I met him, which was through happenstance and when I did, it didn’t take me long to work out that it was indeed really him. I remember sitting with him once thinking “oh wow! This me in a man?!”.

The feeling was a bit surreal because he’s a normal guy who has his own life, his own friends, his own businesses, it took me a while to process that we are two people who share the same soul DNA frequency. 

We were thrown together for a short space of time, and then naturally things took us apart again and then I focused more on my elevation and healing. It is normal to feel completely distraught especially with your Divine Counterpart that the Universe pulls away from you, in order to heal further.

It can sound like a cruel joke, however from my own experience it is not because when you meet this individual and establish that truth within yourself, as your healing keeps continuing, the question you will begin to ask yourself will be along the lines of “What is this person doing right that I can emulate him/her?”.

I asked myself this immediately after I did Heart Wall Clearings for myself. Basically, true divine twin flames resonate on a frequency of acceptance, truth, justice, and most importantly, Love. 

I took what my twin was doing currently as he is currently more financially successful than I am and plays at that game, at a bigger level, and began emulating what he was doing. I soon saw my own life change fast.

There will be a stage where you are quite good at something and your twin will be pulled and called to match up to you, because you have more of the quotient than they do.

The twin journey is the most unsexy and messy healing journey you can have, but it is the most worthy of it all! It simply allows the body to catch up with the soul and allows for you to truly walk in your own divine empowerment. 

Vibrating at a very high frequency in order to be alignment with the frequency to manifest a great life and your actual partner, takes a lot of work. It takes healing up all the cycles of codependency, toxic giving, and wanting to do the work for your twin. It simply comes from rising into your power by keeping it all for yourself. Your twin comes as a reward for all the internal work for you.

The stages of this journey is spending time with them briefly, been taken apart, and yes missing them is completely normal (!), and doing the challenging emotional work to purge out everything that isn’t working for you, in order to be with your twin and enjoy life with them. 

Raising your empowerment of feeling worthy and special, is a massive part to play in this.