I don't regret the past, at least I don't try to. I believe that we are all in our own personal journey of self growth, and universal growth.

One of the biggest lessons that my twin flame taught me was that I am the engineer of my own path, my own journey. I can make excuses for many things, for the situation I might be in... but there was and always have been something important that I can control...


I have a choice on how I can act, and react to certain situations. We are all not perfect, although I do believe that most of  us try to be descent human beings, but sometimes it's not even some major action that you might do that will drive you away from your twin flame. Sometimes is just the little things that perhaps they didn't like, or that they felt were bad habits or bad little actions that we had. In all honesty, nobody is perfect. And nobody ever gave us a book on how to be human, how to love, and how to be the right twin flame.

I do believe that because you are reading this you, like I am... you are on a journey of self improvement. Perhaps you want to improve your lifestyle in some sort of way, or perhaps you just want greater insights into the world of twin flames. Either way... that's part of self growth which many good things can come from.

What drove my twin flame away from me was...

nothing major. In the end of our relationship we discovered that we were just different people who were also currently in transition, as life always bring certain transitions at certain intervals.

We both had very distinct backgrounds, and it was pretty obvious that those backgrounds, and energies around them, would clash at that moment rather than seek to connect. And that's just what it was... sometimes energies around us clash rather than improving and helping each other out. Sometimes twins clash instead of helping the other one grow and connect on a universal level.

My twin taught me that time is of the essence. We might be connected on a universal level that is timeless, yet within our own real of daily life we have to make decisions quick and act upon what it is that we want to accomplish. And once you know what you really want, then you have to play that part... take action and move towards your vision - not just dream about it.

Yes, I believe a lot in nightly dreams, but in dreams that empower you. Just like being around people that empower me, and taking daily actions that do the same.

Although we never got a manual on how to love our twin flame, and neither did our twin flame ever read such manual, one thing that we all got was the same amount of time per day. 24 hours to decide how to live your life. To chose upon your character, the way you are going to be, how you are going to react things, and how you will grow from  your ups and downs. We all get the same amount of time each day.

And it's ironic that in the timeless universe of twin flames, within this world we must abide by the rules of time given to us. We all make mistakes within time, big mistakes, small ones, and so do our twin flames.

And therefore the biggest lesson that my twin flame taught me is to appreciate each day and the time within it. To appreciate the time I spent with my twin flame... and also, appreciate all the time I was not with them physically.

Each day might bring new challenges but it is the way that we respond and react to those challenges what truly matters.

The good times with our twin flame are powerful, but so are all the times that we are away from them... because all of it creates the perfect circle of our universal spirit and bond between two halves of one soul.... twin flames.