This is probably going to be one of my favorite pieces to write in a while…

My Twin Flame was probably the BEST runner I have known to man, running and resisting his true emotion so far away, until he couldn't run or hide any more.

What is interesting to find about the twin flame, and great to know, is that the harder your twin flame resists you, the more the feelings have taken over them.

Think of it this way: why would you resist something that doesn't mean anything to you?

In life, when we face resistance—we should always dive head first into it. The reason for this is because it gives us the confidence, not to mention the courage to attack anything that comes our way.

Resistance in your twin flame will look like them not being very responsive when you try and reach out to them, and the biggest one, is resisting a relationship.

Because a twin flame dynamic, is probably the most powerful thing on the planet, it is very challenging. Think of your twin flame (who is most likely un-awakened) and the challenges that they face. They have known a specific life before they met you, extremely unaware and unconscious. And then you step into their life and completely turn their life upside down!

The resistance comes from the fact that the soul needs to adjust to the overwhelming intensity and process it's own work from past lives, also comes into play.

At the time of resistance with your twin, it is natural to want to cling on to their energy. However, and as with anything—the more you cling to something, the more it runs away. When they are physically running, allow them to run away from you as far away as possible. When you are able to love them and let them run, soon something will snap in their unconscious and try and reach out to you again.

The runner twin will run, however there will come a point when they FEAR that you may walk out of their life, permanently. Like when they don't hear from you in ages, or something tragic like a death occurs in their family. A runner twin flame can only run for so long, without having the reunion come home at some point.

Resistance is a natural course in any twin flame because the one who is less spiritually enlightened (but they are spiritual), will have a very hard time processing what is now happening in their life. Suddenly, they will have to deal with all the things that they make have never dealt with, so the resistance to completely feel out of control with their twin, is too powerful.