We are creatures of habit, and one of the drawbacks of that is that we often want things to happen now, right away, and can’t bother with setting up a process that works in order for things to happen within their proper course.

Things are great when they happen naturally and without any planning, but more often than not, we are the ones that need to take the initiative in order to create a process of energy in which events unfold, and we are able to create a twin flame journey that leads us to a twin flame union.

What does this have to do with the emotional distance of the twin flame runner?

What lies at the core level of our twin flame journey is all energy at work. This means that we must look past just the physical aspects of twin flames, and understand more deeply how energy affects both counterparts of twins. Let’s break it down a bit…

Twin flames and distance:

- When it comes to twin flame runners, how does their energy fluctuate?
-Where is my twin flame’s energy now versus where I would like it to be?
- What can I do to get my twin flame’s energy closer to my end goal?
-How can time and proper planning help me get closer to my twin flame and our union?
-What changes within my inner self can I make - in order for those changes to vibrate within my twin?

These questions can help you develop a simple process that will shorten the emotional distance between you and your twin flame.

Do keep in mind that things often fluctuate, and one minute things might seem to be going really well, when suddenly there is a change of the tides without warning. The good thing about this is that if there is a tide turning towards the negative, and you know deep within your heart that you can change things around - quite often you will be able to do so.

A lot of our twin flames journey deals with beliefs, and how we process those beliefs. How we continue to build upon that process with the end point in mind - which is to eventually create one twin flame union made of two souls. The ascension process into this final stage begins to merge when we begin to peel away the layers of negativity and darkness within our inner energy, and our twin flames energy.

The emotional distance of a twin flame runner can occur because of a thousand different reasons - but at the core it all relates to inner energy.

Our natural tendency is to wanting all too often to know the “why,” and we beat this to death, driving ourselves crazy wanting to know the why, thinking that once we know the true reason, that then our problems will be solved. This is simply not true.

Knowing the “why” our twin flame is running away emotionally might not be necessary, or perhaps even helpful.

What we must pay attention to is the vibrational frequencies of our twin flame energy… as well as our own vibrational frequencies since we are connected to our twin flame on an energy level. Even if that level is still within the 3D stage, and we have not yet began ascending in the final 5D stage — an emotional energy connection with our twin STILL exists. That is why they are our twin flame.

Instead of pushing and forcing things to get better between the two of you… create some room, create some space. I don’t mean become distant, but rather, create space in order for good energy to blossom within yourself, and within your twin flame. Set the space to allow a process of good energies to be created, blossom, and for those energies to create a deeper bond within each other.

This might all sound too practical, or somewhat mechanized, but understand that the good energies of love, passion, and bonding, are already there - they already exist within our true twin flame, and within ourselves. We simply have to create that space in order for those energies to sync and grow together.

We must not be pushy, negative, or keep changing plans ever so often.

We must simply vibrate out into the universe - positive emotional energies within ourselves, out to a level that it makes us feel confident, strong, dreamful, and full of life. Energies are contagious and even if they are deep within you, if those energies are genuine then they will also vibrate within your twin flame as well, even if they vibrate on a subconscious level.

Your twin flame will feel these things, regardless of how close or how far you might be with them.

Continue evolving, and continue to discover how to best get over energy blocks, purge out negative energy and emotions, and create that space for more vibrant and healthy energies, and habits, to blossom.

You will be amazed just how even gaining awareness of this can shift the dynamics of a true twin flame relationship… no matter how far apart.

Awareness is the start.