There are many things that people fear, but one of the main things is the fear of the unknown.

What will happen tomorrow? Will your fear towards being apart from your twin flame develop?

There are all types of fears but when it comes to twin flames, and sometimes it’s a mixture of fear, desperation, and frustration. We want things to happen soon, and especially we would like for things to work out in our favor.

Collectively twin flames hold energy together and are able to transmit energy to one another.

This is the reason why if your twin flame might be feeling some type of fear, you will also be alerted subconsciously. Whatever kind of fear your twin flame will be having, it will cross through spiritual energy to you.

The dark fear of the twin flame runner is one by which your twin flame reacts to becoming spiritually conscious of being a twin flame. Perhaps your twin will know this on a subconscious energy level and not even be able to thought process what is going on… the connection that exists between the two of you.

Stepping back a little bit, and having an overall view of this, realize that us, as humans, we have a “fight or flight” mechanism build within us.

Within the world of twin flames this means that when this energy materializes itself within your twin, your twin will either fight ( on a spiritual level) to grow his/her inner energy and advance spiritually as a twin… or take a flight, meaning becoming a twin flame runner. On a basic human level, this is how we react to many things, especially when it comes to relationships, spirituality, and discovering that we are a part of a larger energy sphere, one involving a process of twin flames.

This is all a natural progression as twins began finding ways to ascend from a 3D world into a deeper spiritual connection within 5D. And yes, it’s natural for your twin to run away when he or she begins becoming aware of this energy and feelings towards you, and also the fact that you have you have developed spiritual energy and emotions toward your twin.

Here are a few essential steps you can take:

- Understand the process of “fight or flight” and do not be reactive, or resentful towards it.

-Know that when your twin fears, you will get energy signals and vice versa. Try to be as productive as you can when you become aware of this.

-You can become productive by taking steps to grow as a person, and allowing your twin to grow spiritually as well… it will happen.

-Once you know that growth is occurring within you, extend an olive branch to your twin to join you in good feelings, not fear and negative energy.

-This now becomes a trial and error process where you continue to better off your life, your spirituality, and by mere reflection, your twin will be lured and thankful for your growth that resonates within him or her.

-Mistakes will occur along the way, but learning from them and continuing to move forward will ultimately get you through your journey.

The tips above are a few things that you can start with today.

Once you shift your energy to become more productive it will also begin to shift the energy within your twin. And this is something that we cannot put a timetable on, meaning we can expect change and goodwill happening by a certain date. Look beyond time, and focus on energy, your inner energy.

When you let go of the concept of time, and wanting things to happen within this mindset, and you move along into thinking in terms of energy… things will begin to shift.

Let go of being so left brain analytical, let go of “wanting” things to happen, and asking harsh questions. And it’s also okay if that way of thinking exists, but just put it off to the side for a while, and balance it with your higher self. Balance it with being suggestive and gracious towards your inner self.

Develop your energy of duality where you can go from being practical and logical to being more spiritual via manifestation, suggestion, and energy work. It can be quite powerful when you develop this side of you.

You might not notice it at first when there is so much going on in your life, and you hear screams within you… but one day you will feel peace and know that it’s been an amazing journey that you have undertaken.

When it comes to twin flame fear… a whisper can be more powerful than a scream.