Discover the 1 twin flame secret to attract your dream lover

People dream of love to rescue them from a mundane life because the blissful and magical feeling of it.

You grow up hearing love songs, the fairy-tales, and the “happily ever afters” and wish for that to be you one day. This is the power of Love. It heals the desperate, the lonely, the betrayed, and the hurting.

It heals and breaks open even the hardest of hearts because it's purity, is so immense.

What is the reason people say “love hurts” when you can visibly see such glory in love?

Why does a bad and bitter breakup cause people to close off their hearts to anyone who may be willing to heal it?

And… do you relate to this yourself?

There is Love and then there is divine, pure—true Love.

That is the paradigm of the 5D consciousness, the last of the Age of Aquarius where you transcend from a purely egotistical 3D living to a mental upgrade in 4D.

5D refers to fifth dimension living that often comes in when you choose to upgrade your soul by your own thoughts.

The reason that so many people feel stuck in their love life is often because they haven't had or have been given the chance to clean their spiritual body out, as well as disengage and disconnect from those who are holding on to them.

What is meant by this?

Essentially, when you begin a relationship with someone, your energy becomes entwined with them. When you sleep with them, you start to take on their energy in a literal form and become them. The more people you sleep with, the harder it is to have control over your own feelings, thoughts and energy.

We are increasingly living in a conscious age where more and more people are choosing a spiritual path in life. It exceedingly becomes evident to a lot of people that they could have met the one person, fallen head over heels in love with them, and then panicked because it doesn't fit the paradigm of their own ideal relationships.

Welcome to the Twin Flame 5D Paradigm of  Living.

After a long struggle of battling such intense and insane feelings, the more awakened twin comes to realize that indeed this has come to be a spiritual union. All that your soul really wants to do is just go back home to your twin, the other part of your soul and be with them.

The only issue is that the matrix twin is TERRIFIED to let you in.

Often times when something doesn’t feel natural to us — we mistakenly push even further to try to fix the problem.

The feelings inside you don't let you rest until you're close to them.

You may be thinking that you're the only person who feels these feelings, however rest assured that your twin flame who is running so far away from you is feeling them even more than you are. Take a moment to imagine how painful it must be to squash down your most pure and true love feelings, out of sheer fear and confusion. When you begin to understand that, you will then start to understand what your runner twin encounters on a daily basis. In their eyes, they would rather jump out of a plane, than take a leap of faith with their true love.

They have convinced themselves that the truth is a lie.

Many enlightened twins reading this, will have some sort of relief understanding that they are definitely not going insane thinking that their matrix twin doesn't feel anything.

A lot of people wonder how they are able to connect to their twin flame, even when their twin is doing the whole “come here, go away” game with them.

The first key that every twin flame who is looking to unite with their twin (or even has taken the decision, not to) is to surrender.

Surrendering in a nutshell, essentially means that you do not try and push, bend or break your twin's will to stay away from you.

If your twin is choosing to keep distance, the most challenging part is going to be you allowing them to keep their distance on a daily basis. Especially, when all you want to do is just be with them all the time.

A lot of people can mistake twin flame love with obsession, because it feels so intense, deep and transformational. To feel that deeply about anything, can be rather scary.

How does surrender come to pass and how do you invite it into your life?

Firstly, you must have the knowledge and understanding that your twin flame is, and has always been a part of your soul.

Your twin is with you all the time because you both share a soul. It's not a compliment to your soul, it IS your soul.

When you realize that you can never lose your soul because it is yours, you start to operate from a place of love and not fear.

Surrendering means that when your twin flame is busying themselves by running away from you, your primary focus should be on bettering your own life by making it stronger in all areas. The key to understanding a twin in your life is that they have basically entered it, to enable you to feel unconditional love on a daily basis.

The moment you start to feel that level of peace in your heart, your twin flame has done their job correctly.

As an enlightened twin reading this, the sooner you can let go of a lot of your ego that is stubborn and gets in the way, the sooner you are able to live the life you were meant to live.

Surrendering is often the most challenging thing to do, because we keep believing that the notion and paradigm of “they will leave us and run away if we don't make our presence felt.” The trouble with that, as the old adage goes, “what you chase, runs away” is absolutely accurate.

Surrendering means that you get to be okay with not hearing from your twin until they may contact you and just getting on with your life. It is one of the most challenging things to do because it takes the focus off someone you love and right back onto yourself.

The above pretty much draws out a good healthy out view to take on your journey.  And as I mentioned that I would share with you the number one secret that allows you to connect with your twin flame, if you so wish to truly connect with them now,

Here is the secret…

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