Often times during the holidays, particularly during the time of Thanksgiving - Christimas - New Year’s, it seems that our emotional roller coaster gains more speed with more unexpected turns. And all too often it has to do with our personal relationships... especially that one of our twin flame.

All this pain through darkness that exists during the holidays - a time that we should be filled with happiness and joy… it’s all to real. We are left pondering many questions but mainly we seek a way to get out of this rut. There are so many emotions that we go through and different levels of pain.

Is there a solution for this pain you are going through?

The first thing to do is to really reveal to yourself the main source of your pain.

Is your pain coming from some actions that you have taken in the past?

Is it coming from your twin flame primarily?

And if so, is it coming because your twin flame turned into a runner?

Often times gaining clarity on your main challenges and obstacles is what is needed. By this, I mean being able to separate all that clouds your true source of pain and despair. Often times the true source of pain is covered or blanketed someway. When you move those covers and layers away, everything that you thought was causing you pain… it’s not. You must be able to separate those layers from what is truly underneath.

Once you reveal the true source of your inner pain and darkness… it’s time to ask the hard questions, particularly:

What steps can I take today to get closer towards healing, being filled with light, and finding my ascension within my journey?

This might all seem quite simple and practical but understand that this is not about comprehending these steps but actually doing them. Most of us already know what needs to be done deep within ourselves, yet it’s that first step, followed by a second one, and a third one that t is needed.

Procrastination will drive a big wedge between you and your inner light.

Whether having inner light means having peace and calmness within, connecting with your twin flame, or accepting that you must move on with other ventures at this time - often times what holds us back is ourselves.

Procrastination means that we do not take the right steps towards what matters most in this moment in time. We procrastinate within ourselves and our relationships because we want things to be just a little bit more perfect before we take action. We believe that perhaps there is something missing that we must “read” first, or watch on tv first, or dream about first… before it all finally clicks within us and we take the right actions.

Things will never fully click within our journey. There will be things that won’t make sense, or that you are waiting for to change, or for something to be complete… this won’t happen via waiting. You must always move forward and take action.

Yes, praying helps, wishing helps, but the one thing that the universe will adhere towards is when you actually take action towards your goals and towards finding the healing light that will embody you.

This article is about your twin flame during the holidays but we need to shift perspective and see what is really going on under the surface.

All too often it is when we wait, wish, and do not take any productive actions that things begin to get more and more out of whack. Shifting your perspective from focusing so much on someone you love - and focusing on healing yourself, and growing love within you... that will get you closer to your goals, and bring more light upon your journey, and ultimately ascnesion and unity within your twin flame.

It does hurt when we are left alone and even when we approach a door and we knock… only to have no one answer… and I am metaphorically speaking, but it seems that during the holidays many of these emotions are amplified. The holidays are a time of happiness and joy and we yearn for this just as anybody else would. Yet it is also a time to feel paralyzed, procrastinate, and filled our minds and body with defeating self-talk. It’s time to bring that to a halt and change course.

We can’t control people or even at times be “nice” to them and cajole them into calling us, or even texting us.

And I know that even a “happy thanksgiving” or a “Happy Holidays” text from someone would mean the world to us, and it would only take them 2 seconds for them to create that but… unfortunately many times this won’t happen. This little simple wish that we yearn more leads us to believe that since we are not receiving such a small gesture then our bigger wishes won’t come true. This is inaccurate.

You have the power to create change. It begins by creating true change within yourself. It begins when you are able to master procrastination and truly take the actions that matter the most. It begins when you stop being afraid… or better yet, use that energy of being afraid and nervous to propel you forward.

If you already know all of this - it’s okay, but shift your perspective and your energy to a way that you no longer just say “I know this already,” but actually say: It’s time to create that spark now, each and every day. It’s time to create that energy within me that will reflect upon the universe for all the things that should be in my journey… one that my twin flame will eventually want to be a part of. Even if it takes longer than anticipated.

Time is just an illusion by which our twin flame runs.

You can create your own illusion that becomes a reality.