Recently someone forwarded me a letter that was published by someone still gripping on to the memory/illusion of their twin flame; explaining the hurt, void, desire, towards their twin flame.

I think most of us at some point have felt the crushed feeling, the weight, and the deep emotions that another person can bring upon us, specially if that person is our twin flame.

We’ve been through this process, we felt it, we were entrapped. Perhaps you are dealing with this at the moment?

Perhaps you’ve read plenty into zodiac signs, the stars alignment, and so forth, yet you still have not found a solution to your inner pain and hurt.

So how can you move beyond this negative energy?

One thing that I have discovered is that all too often when things don’t work out, and we begin to feel this hurt that our twin flame brings… we desire a happy outcome even more. Our desire grows, and worst of all - our impatience grows. It’s like this dark energy recoils itself over and over and has a greater power over us that we can ever understand.

Here is a key point: what this represents is the fact that we are moving more and more into the material physical world and away from our inner energy.

We become more affixed towards this desire that takes us to dead ends and energy blocks.

This drifts us away from understanding our inner energy — exactly where we should be focusing, because it’s our inner energy that is fueling these emotions that are running rampant.

It’s counter intuitive in a way that we are led to believe that physical presence of our twin flame in front of us, saying the right words, and talking to us, will change everything. Unfortunately this will not change your inner energy… it will just gloss over it. Meaning that the deep problems and issues that exist will just be decorated and not truly handled.

Letters can be written of how much you feel hurt, your desires, what you wish for… but until you begin focusing on your inner energy — nothing will change.

Again, it’s counter intuitive because we think that a phone call, or a visit with our twin flame can change things. Don’t get me wrong, it might be able to do so… but nothing will truly change unless you begin changing your inner energy first.

There is an old saying: that in order to change a conflict, we must approach that conflict/problem with a different energy by which the conflict was created. I would go a step further and say that in order to change that conflict, you much change the inner energy that you are currently in.

One essential change to make:

Don’t always allow your inner energy to be subliminal with your thoughts and actions. Train yourself to become more aware of your feelings and inner energy, and ask yourself:

-Where is my inner energy right now?

-Where is my inner energy when I think about this person?

-How can I change my inner energy at this moment so I may elevate it to become more optimistic?

-How can I change my inner energy at this moment so I may elevate it to become more creative and productive?

It all starts within that second in which you ignite awareness of your inner energy, and your spirit makes that small pivot to sway your inner energy of one of neediness, dark feelings, to something that heals, and allows you to move forward.

Learn ways by which you can elevate your consciousness. Learn key areas in your life in which you know you will excel in and develop them even further, because when you start feeling that energy of creative productivity in one area - in will begin to transform into other areas of your life--that is if you know how to work with your inner energy and not ignore it. 

The problem sometimes is not that we do not know how to do it, but that we don’t necessarily want to. We want to keep feeding these dark energies because previously we have found solace within them. Previously we found those dark energies to be welcoming and comforting, even though they might had been filled with resentment, regret, even hate.

If you love writing/reading letters of how much someone hurt you, or why you feel so hurt, perhaps something to do with your childhood… then know that you are participating in something you love (reading or writing that letter) but it won’t necessarily bring you into the energy that you need to heal, feel happy and find a partner in life.

The “why” something happened is important, but was is even more important is focusing on how a certain event or happening made you stronger. What you learned from it, and how your energy has advanced because of it.

We love the energy that a deep unfilled passion brings. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t necessarily feel it. I am saying that if you do feel it… become aware of it.

Become aware of how your inner energy rises, when it goes down, when it spirals out of control, and when you feel it’s being productive.

It all begins with inner awareness.

Cultivate paths by which you can change your inner energy to help you be more productive and create the true change into a warm universe of light that also belongs to you.

Just like you have faced darkness… understand that you also deserve light. The universe won’t bring it to you in a silver platter. The universe wants you to plant the seeds of love, give it light, warmth, and allow those seeds to blossom.

Just like a plant… the universe gives you all the different elements to make it possible, but it is up to you to become aware of the process and cultivate that process within time.

It’s all within your hands… and within your inner energy.