Many people think that meeting your twin flame, is a super romantic, happily ever after connection, however the reality is quite different. This isn’t to say that you’re not going to enjoy an incredible life with your divine counterpart.

 It means that if you both just got together, how would you end up doing the necessary emotional work to clear the actual path to being together?

Now, my twin flame triggered many wounds inside me, from a financial perspective. He showed me what was possible, although I run a successful business and life a good life. He showed me all the places I was still playing small and all the deep traumatic stories in our cultures that were hurting and stopping me from the happiness and love, I deserve with him.

I triggered him to become more masculine as I found ways to balance my strong character with radiant femininity.

Remember, as a Divine, you will have the masculine and the feminine and in that, the job of the feminine is to be as radiant as possible. We live in a very fast paced and busy world, where taking time to be still and reflect on your thoughts, can be challenging.

As an energy worker and a twin flame, I wanted to create something that provided me magnetic radiance however I didn’t know where to start.

Radiance, is a joy in the spirit and something I encourage each twin reading this, to fully work on.

You, however, cannot work on this when you are focused on your counterpart. Which is why I often say that the main purpose of a twin flame connection, is to meet this person and have them “do the dance” with you, in order to allow you to have the blocks come up to heal.

It certainly is not going to be easy, however it is very possible and I created a special enchanted radiance bracelet, to help you do this. All our internal stories of not feeling lovable, or good enough, stop us from accessing the deeper layers that need to heal because there are so many stories that go on that are created from the bonds of fear, guilt, and shame about how we are so unworthy.

Within a month, the low self-worth and “not feeling good enough”, transforms into power, strength, kindness, and knowing that you put yourself for the best and the right things. This new found confidence helps you radiate the glowing radiance I spoke about, from where your twin will begin noticing you.

You do not have to push, force, shove, or beg for your twin to love and respond to you. Your energetic frequency has to shift and change into something much more higher and powerful, so that you assist your twin to see you in the best light as well. However that all starts with you!

Designing this radiance and confidence booster bracelet, made me go from carrying all my old negative programming of never feeling enough inside me, to feeling confident, assertive, and positive about any situation no matter what came my way.

Your twin flame connection, does not have to be this horrible, painful thing that you have to endure. With the right energetic work, you can save yourself months and years of pain, trying to aimlessly do the “self-love” thing by being mental.

Or you can simply rewire your DNA through this strong magickally laden energy bracelet that allows you to shine, stand tall and proud of who you are. It did it for me, and I would love to share it with you.

Many people tell you to constantly focus on yourself instead of your twin, however it is hard to do that when you have the doubts and the fear inside you.