The uniqueness of 5D within twin flames is incredible, especially when you look at how you are able to feel unconditional love to, and from, your twin flame at any given time.

Before I had the capacity to feel twin flame 5D love, I used to think people who talked about it were on drugs!

I couldn't imagine loving someone even when they had snapped at you, and been mean and horrible. It felt like an odd scenario, and even one where you would set yourself up for abuse.

Loving in 5D is tremendous because it brings TRUE peace and joy into your heart, and when you are plugged into the divine, you are able to extend that peace and joy to others.

What is interesting is that 5D loving actually comes after your twin flame decides to run off.

In being able to shatter what you thought was a “whole heart,” it’s amazing to see that when you start to mend and patch yourself up, your spiritual awakening is so intense and fast that you are able to magically manifest whatever you desire, as well as thinking about how to make a difference in other people's lives.

5D is probably the highest point an illuminated human can go because any higher goes into 7D and 9D which are extraterrestrial lifeforms. With human DNA, that is the pinnacle that most people looking for enlightenment are often looking to achieve.

5D has taught me to value others from their soul, and often look past their hollow and empty words.

It’s taught me to look at how people behave, why they behave that way, and what can be done to transform myself to serve at a bigger level.

It has also taught me that spiritual alignment is key to getting stuff done in life as well as teaching others how become whole from within. 5D is a very special milestone to achieve and when you have achieved it, there is no going back to 4D, let alone 3D. The ascension is so blissful and fast that after you have had your clearings, you are able to attract so much stuff whether it is a lasting relationship or a money issue being cleared—you are astounded at what abundance lies for you ahead.

5D is joyous and you begin to see life beyond yourself. You begin to think of global missions, how to eradicate major global challenges and become a beacon of happiness, love and pure radiance wherever you go!

The higher you vibrate on the inside, the happier you look on the outside. This can often be achieved through Theta clearing as well as SRT clearings as well which go back into your past lives as well as any residual karma you may hold in this life and clear them all out. The result is you feeling much lighter and happier in yourself.

Overall, twin flames in 5D is not just a feeling, it is a state of being. A state of happiness manifested in its pure and perfect, being.