Please not that in this article I merely express my own views of pat lives, and there is an immense amount of information that can be written on the subject, yet I've only written on a tiny portion so you may further ask the questions that matter to you on the subject of Past Lives and Twin Flames. 

Christian Cee


Twin Flames are often just that because the instant and deep love that they feel towards each other is a direct result of all the past lives that they have encountered.

It doesn't have to be many, it can be one—however the more past lives you have been together in, the more you will end up recognising each other.

The ironic thing about past lives is that if someone has signed a soul contract with you, stating that they will be part of your life, they will come into your life in some sort of shape or form. None of this is more evident than with your own twin flame.

With your twin flame, past lives are so deeply linked that they end up spilling out into this one with effect.

Past lives also may carry very deep themes of the runner and the chaser, as well as repeating patterns of trauma, abandonment, and abuse on some direct or subliminal level. Past lives often become clearer the more you turn to things such as meditation, automatic writing and channeling.

When you think of twin flames and past lives, they have an incredibly deep element of soul recognition. And it is essential to know what makes the dynamic often so overpowering and overbearing for both the twins, irrespective of how enlightened they may be.

Even though one of the twins may not be awakened yet, you will often find that they do end up mentioning something that can totally throw you off for a loop.

There is something that connects deep within you, especially when you have met your twin, and as you psychically develop and ascend, you will start to remember more and more of your past lives with your twin, and what might have taken place.

There will be things that he or she says, that tip you off into discovering more prisms, and hidden bits of yourself.

One important thing that you should keep in mind is that the world is filled with skeptics, and we might be some of the biggest skeptics when it comes to matters such as of past lives, and with due reason -- our world is filled with so many tales that it’s often hard to distinguish truth from fiction.

What are the right ideas and beliefs to have about past lives?

I have always followed my heart and instinct… but I don’t leave it at that. Often times I do experience deja vu, and similar moments. And that energy can be so immense that it shows that it is not just a mere coincidence. Personally I don’t get caught whether a certain moment might be an echo, or deja vu from a past life… whether it is or not, I just let it be.

A more important question I like to ask myself is…

How can this moment, and this energy, actually help me? What is this experience, this energy, trying to tell me?

You’d be surprise on how certain moments have certain messages that we can learn from, and that we can utilize in order to move forward in this life, specially moving forward with our twin flame process.

It’s our own personal choice to believe in past lives, or not to believe in them. But personally, when I believe in past lives – it offers me an expansion of knowledge of my current situation, where I am in life, and also with the relationships that I hold.

I dont simply believe in past lives to reflect in those past moments, but ultimately I believe in past lives so I may gain further experience on how those past moments can help my current life.

There is so much beauty, love, and experience, that echoes within our hearts that tells us of who we were before in another life. It also echoes of those relationships we held, particularly with the relationship with our twin flame.

When we first come across our twin flame in this life time we are pinged with that energy of familiarity, one in which we feel that… we know this person. We have known on this familiar stranger, and there is something about them that draws us to them. That sense of familiarity that is comforting, a familiarity of attraction, even though we might never have seen or heard of this person before in this lifetime.

When we are attuned to past lives we are attuned with our energy of awareness, our 11:11, and our subconscious is able to decipher this, even though our rationale might take a while to process it and have it catch up as to what it might mean.

Find ways in which those feelings, thoughts, and energy, of past lives can help you in this current life.

Are there any clues, or even lessons you can pick up?

We are at the mercy of the universe, and at the mercy of our current life…. But every now and then you will get a tinge, a feeling, that the universe is whispering at you.

This whisper might be one correlating to a past life, or perhaps one of a future life, yet, listen…

allow your mind to truly be at ease, with silence, and listen to those whispers. This moments might be some of the most profound moments in your life… and they might be a signal about a past life.

One of my biggest discoveries is that… whether I am trying to deal with my twin flame, my current situation that pertains to my future, or even when I am reflecting on past moments… there are clues hidden in plain sight. It is up to us to become aware of them, take action that will further help us advance on our own personal journey.

I hope you are able to further connect with your own twin flame energy, discover those clues, and move forward in your journey of discovery and ascension.