The main reason why a twin flame runner might be so hard to understand and read from a perspective of emotions and in building a relationship is that quite often they not only run physically but emotionally and spiritually as well. This means that they run and hide their feelings and emotions from others, and even themselves.

In this article I will elaborate on this, why it happens and how you can best perceive it and take action for a more favorable outcome, if you are dealing with a similar situation, or if you ever have dealt with one.

One caveat is that this explanation is a universal one, and you have to look deeper into your own situation to find similarities and perhaps polarities to these traits.

This one area that is often not spoken about deals with twin flame duality.

With a twin flame this means the polarity of their physical world (one that is quite often ego self driven), and the duality within their higher self - their spiritual self that often times they become detached from.

Twin flames are halves of one union, but even within each person exists two sides – the higher self and the ego self, we can also call it their persona.

The higher self means their universal spiritual self in 5D. It is their overall journey, with the higher self existing within a universal realm beyond time and space.

So we have the higher self and the ego self (persona).

Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they are “ego” driven in the sense that they have a big ego or only care about themselves... there is more to this than simply labeling them in such a way.

What it means is that in our world, in the physical sense, our twin has over taken such grounded aspects to their personality and completely cut off or ignored their higher self. Traits that often pertain to a person are that of survival and looking out for themselves from an earthly perspective... not connecting with their higher self.

An ego self is important to make it in the world, to feed their self esteem, and interpret daily realities that they face. It is essential for a person to do this.

So why might this be an issue?

It becomes an issue when the ego self, the persona, the character that they have become – does not abide, or at times even recognize, their higher self.

This can be such a tricky situation that the persona (the ego self) is astute enough to even replicate and build other similar characters to live out life, all on a subconscious level, in order to run away and ignore their higher universal self. Yes, our minds are quite tricky and can do crazy stuff like this, and even crazier... and if you dealt with a twin flame runner perhaps you’ve experienced situations related to this.

At time this persona wants to indulge in themselves, or even rebel against a much higher source of energy that is within them... their higher self.

A persona can cut out the strings and become it’s own master, in order to induge and even survie daily life. This is show from a very early age when babies have to get attention via their ego self in order to be fed, clothed, and kept safe... the early years is when the ego self is developed.

This is all part of their journey, and if they are deep within such a journey of daily living, perhaps this is par of the reason why they don’t even recognize the duality of themselves, their true power within that is universal.

It is just not you who they are running away from, but also their higher self.

What can you do about this?

When it comes to people, the primary way that we learn is by making our own mistakes, and yes, at times falling hard. There might not be much you can say or do externally that will make a twin flame runner want to change.

True change has to come from within (yes, we’ve heard this all before),

But here is the secret of the twin flame runner:

a twin flame runner has to come at odds with their persona and their higher self. They need to become more aware of it, recognize it, respect it, and allow that universal side of who they are to nourish their ego self, and vice versa.

We can only lead by example, becoming our new self as we ascend within our own duality within our own journey.

We are also facing such a journey ourselves, although subconsciously we might be more keen to our higher self and our own universal spirituality.

We are creatures in motion, with growth, and ups and downs. We are not static in our lives. This means that we are always ascending, and we are energy that is becoming.

What I mean by energy that is becoming is that we continue to ascend within our own journey and within our own duality.

The best thing that we can do is lead by example. Show our twin flame runner that we understand their struggles, and that we can relate to what they are going through. Once we ascend our energy, it is quite possible that we will send vibrational light to them via our twin energy.

In fact, I know that it is quite possible. What happens is that often times people give up before this occurs.

And here is what you can do to help your twin flame runner:

The change and amazingness that you want to see within your twin flame and feel through interactions, is the same level of energy that you have to build within yourself... for yourself.

Imagine all those amazing feelings your twin flame can bring out in you.

Now, do you think it’s possible to make yourself feel such amazing energy simply by creating it and ascending it within yourself?

It is possible.

And it’s something we have to create within the duality of our higher self and our ego self (persona), and ascend higher than ever before.

It is in those instances of spiritual flight that energy will vibrate within your twin flame.

It is then that deep within themselves they will gain awareness of a twin flame connection.